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Part 32: Chapter XXXII - I can still hear their lovesick moaning at the moon from your last visit, hahaha.

Chapter XXXII - I can still hear their lovesick moaning at the moon from your last visit, hahaha.

Remember this guy? No?

He showed up at the Beregost temple after we cleared the Nashkel mines, since we were in the process of saving Breagar we didn't accept his offer. I need a break from Sandrah's shenanigans so I figured we'd spend some quality time at the Isle of Lendore!

Before we do this there's one person we have to bring.

It's Ajantis! And he knows who Sandrah is! Time to make room...

Farewell, Yeslick! :wave: Maybe we'll pick you up again later.

We immediately bring Ajantis up to speed.

We also admire his shield...

...And he admires us in turn. Twice. In the span of 5 seconds.

When we come back to Beregost...

Sandrah and Ajantis argue about justice. Let's hope it doesn't escalate into something sexual.

Wait, Sandrah's not interested in Ajantis? That means I can have her all to myself! :swoon:

Well, something else will have to change for that to happen...

Farewell, Coran. :wave: We'll DEFINITELY pick you up again later.

After buying Ajantis some pretty sick gear we talk to Pelltar who teleports us to Lendore.

Welcome to Restenford! The town has quite a few shops and houses that we're not going to cover in this LP. We are going to cover the minutiae in more detail than usual since this is a mod-only area.

Imoen's worried about Ajantis, she really should we worried about pretty much anyone else.




...Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Maybe since we're in a tavern we can drink our trouble aw-

Wait, who said that?

Sandrah knows EVERYONE.

Reminds me of someone else I know...

What's this, he's a victim of the beast?

Welcome to the party, you poor soul.

Nice lute.

Stats aren't half bad as well.

After some drinking we learn of some rumors, looks like we have quite a bit of ground to cover.

Leave poor Ajantis alone, Imoen. He'll have a bad enough time in the sequel.

Looks like it's still just Sandrah and me. :heysexy:

The big house is where Pelltar lives, he's not at home though. Apparently he's in a tower at the castle.

No idea, what do they call a fish with no eyes?

...Go fuck yourself.

The bait seller explains his conundrum, we'll get to it after we've explored this area.

Strange disappearances? Let's make a mental note of this.

Let's make sure we have Hold Person memorized as well.

One of the many shops sells spells.

The owner is someone we'll meet again in Saradush.

Finally there's the castle. It has a temple area in the south.

The acolyte enlightens us about Phaulkon.

Pelltar is in his tower in the north, we don't have all that much to say to him yet.

...Ajantis was definitely supposed to join us sooner.

We save the big house for last.

What a dick.

The baron seems a nicer sort... :)

Sandrah knows him, of course.

What brought this on? :(

Upstairs we run into the baroness.

I like her already. :allears:

Little does she know we've already explored the castle. Almost everything anyway... :heysexy:

He's definitely a budget Coran, isn't he?

No argument there.

Speaking of living by the sword, next time we'll finally see what this Isle is all about. Back to questing! :black101: