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Part 33: Chapter XXXIII - A nocturnal lullaby of longing and sweet satisfaction.

Chapter XXXIII - A nocturnal lullaby of longing and sweet satisfaction.

Time to actually do some questing.

Southern Restenford is a small area.

I don't like where this is going...

The building's smaller on the inside, we do find a trap door that leads to...

Some caves filled with rats. Pretty uneventful otherwise.

We do talk to Sandrah about Lendore, looks like we'll have to pay this BillyBob a visit.

The bait seller's not interested in learning that we took care of the rats, he seems VERY interested in pretty much everything else though, let's investigate.

Something smells fishy, exploring the bait seller's house we find a journal.

A spy!? Let's confront him!

He tries to put up a fight but dies almost instantly.

We inform Pelltar about our progress so far.

Heading east we reach BillyBob's farm. We head for the little cave in the southwest first.

The cave turn out to be stairs to a plateau.

The druid gives us the lay of the land.

His wife tells us that Sandrah's been around. As if we didn't already know that.

In the fields we find the famous Sir BillyBob.

Interesting portrait.

Looks like we'll have to head north to Bald Hill.

A revised version of the Ulcaster map.

I get the feeling that Jen'lig doesn't care for bards.

Ajantis notices that my dreams are restless, his support is appreciated. :)

After this encounter the entire area is filled with orcs. Not too hard but a pain to deal with. I had to do a lot of resting.

Which leads to this. I came here to get away from this shit... :negative:

And that's pretty much all there is to this area.

Well, there was one more thing...

I like BillyBob, it's a shame we won't be seeing him again.

After letting Pelltar know about the bandits we head west this time.

Talking to the people in the castle didn't lead to any new conversations, though we did get a new banter when talking to the baron's daughter.

Oh God make it stop. :gonk:

Ah, the infamous wall of Restenford. There's not all that much to do in this area...

This guy informs us of the gnoll problem.

Ajantis takes the moment to tell us about his order. I hope we run into this Keldorn fellow in the future! :)

Jen'lig's banters continue to be a delight. Did Roxanne really write this?

To the north of the temple is this graveyard, I don't think there's anything to do here but I decided to sleep until night to make sure.

That's just filthy. Have some respect for the dead.

We leave the temple area and go to the Tri-Top hills.

An Ogre Mage in a cave is the only noteworthy thing about this area which is a variation of the Xvart Village, it was absolutely filled with gnolls.

We inform Pelltar about it.

Lendore is represented on the world map, by the way. Thief's Den has nothing interesting in it so let's go to the Reddy Forest next.

Always nice to help someone in need. :)

We're supposed to be able to talk to this guy but I think it's bugged. Oh well.

Only other thing of note was this guy.

I'm not the biggest fan of Ajantis' BG1NPC content, though I suppose it fits the character.

Finally we decide to tacke Bone Hill, filled to the brim with hobgoblins except for the basement which is filled with skeletons. Everything's basically a copy of the De'Arnise Keep, inside and outside.

This guy on the second floor sends us to the basement to retrieve a horn.

Easy peasy.

This area is below the basement, any points of interest were bugged so there wasn't all that much to do here, it eventually leads back outside which is where we find...

Let's give it back to the guardian.

...You know what? Let's not. :black101:

Looks like we made the right decision.

Riveting stuff.

And with that I think we're done here. Let's talk to Pelltar again so we can get out of here.

God damn it, looks like we'll have to wrap this up next time.