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Part 36: Chapter XXXVI - Beware of the traitors... *snooze*

Chapter XXXVI - Beware of the traitors... *snooze*

We start off this chapter with Coran telling us a bit more about his origins.

Arriving in Nashkel to inquire about the dragon we quickly run into this boy. Guess we'd better head inside.

Well, that was completely useless.

A dragonslayer, huh? That's definitely useful. Coran can stay at the inn for a while.

He's got the gear...

...And the stats to match. Time to head to the Gibberling mountains for some dragonslaying! :black101:

Kivan's BG1NPC content is creepier than I remember, I'm not touching certain dialogue options in that exchange with a ten foot pole.

Sandrah Saga is not about to let itself be upstaged, however.

Speaking on Kivan the unofficial guide states:


Their relationship is the bittersweet attempt of a young woman to heal Kivan with her skills and love. Whether it is a romance or a therapy is left to the player’s imagination.

I'm beginning to think the unofficial guide is full of shit.

Gandolar is here and he's brought a small army with him, they promptly leave after this exchange save for one guy.

Kivan can wait outside for a bit, this kid's got spunk!

Sweet, too bad he only has 9 of them.

Great stats as well. A pretty restrained bio as well which is always nice to see.

Ah, a cave. This must be where the dragon's at!

Yep, there we go. Since I walked right into him this battle didn't go so well. The second time he went down without too much trouble which was surprising to me. Sandrah managed to get the final blow in...

...Which nets her two new skills. We'll be testing all of her abilities and skills out somewhere down the line, not to worry.

The dragon's hoard was filled with gems as well as this nifty axe. But where's the relic that I seek?

Oh, thanks!

We run into this guy just after we left the cave. Let's put any further questing on the back burner for now.

Farewell Bardo and Conko Conchr Dragonslayer! :wave: You made the dragon so much easier to defeat. We add Kivan back to our party and move to Nashkel to relay the good news.

The way Roxanne writes 'romances' just makes Sandrah look so abusive. It's sickening.

Well, that's that I suppose. We still have to deliver the relic to Beregost but let's reconnect with some friends at the Friendly Arm Inn first.

Let's see what Xan has to say for himself.

Seems like he's done quite a bit of thinking since we left.

He's *really* talkative.

The screen fades to black after this exhange, which immediately leads to:

I am so done with th-


Whatever, I've had my fill of you already and you've only been in the party for a couple of minutes.

Sure, lets go with her.

I immediately regret my decision... :negative:

Everything is forgiven. :)

...Is Kivan saying what I think he's saying here?

Probably not, Sandrah Saga just has me on edge I suppose.

We head back to the Gibberling Mountains to finish the area off.

This quest is timed so we best head back quickest.

...Why would deserters be interested in chasing down other deserters?

*sigh* Oh well, guess I'll oblige you.


Wait, clerics can cast sleep? Probably picked it up from Elminster.

No unique dialogue after this, thank God.

Next time we'll see what this Firewine place is all about.