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Part 37: Chapter XXXVII - Mystra be praised, she does not require her priestesses to be chaste!

Chapter XXXVII - Mystra be praised, she does not require her priestesses to be chaste!

Shar-Teel and Kivan will be leaving us again. :wave:

Viconia rejoins us first, replacing Kivan. A choice I will definitely come to regret in the coming minutes.


Oh God, Viconia laughs like Seth Rogen. :gonk:

'Not experienced in the art of making love' :jerkbag:

Wait, I was there the whole time?

Shar-Teel regales us with quite a lengthy tale about her father. I'm beginning to understand where her hatred for men is coming from.

This is making me so uncomfortable.

I-I think you need to see a doctor about that...

Nice to know that The Beast shares her morsel from time to time, I suppose.

After a fade to black we return, IMMEDIATELY AFTERWARDS:

There are mods on loverslab that are less horny than this.

Oh well, time to fill our sixth slot!

Welcome back, Garrick. Can you imagine thinking that your relationship with Sandrah was the nadir of the mod? Good times.

Garrick's not cut out for a life of adventure.

NPCs hating on Garrick will never get old.

Before going to Firewine I always like to stop by Gullykin first, when we arrive...

I feel violated.

These moments are a nice palate cleanser at least.

Gullykin is one of my favourite areas. Everyone is just so nice and friendly. As a kid I used to spend so much time here because it's so peaceful. :)

The only person who's not friendly turns out to be a traitor, go figure.

Playing this mod I also feel like I'm losing sleep, my heart and my brain...

...And just like that Garrick's gone. :wave: I have no idea if we'll ever get him back. He would've loved Firewine... :(

I wanted to replace him with Finch (Who's now chilling in the Nashkel mansion) but she's not interested in joining us. She's still cute as a button. :swoon:

The Enhanced Edition changed this encounter found on the second floor, they run away instead of fighting you.

Might as well give Gavin a shot, I suppose.

I like him already. :smuggo:

So does Sandrah!

He enlightens us about his past as soon as we arrive in Firewine.

Firewine Bridge was impressive as a kid and it still leaves an impression on me today.

Unfinished Business adds this guy, we might get to his quest later.

Since Vichan is level 10(!) Khark is no match for us. On his corpse...

Huh, that was unexpected. I wonder if this'll lead anywhere.

Meilum the swordsman has another piece of the cloth? Does this mean...

Oh sh-

Let's talk to Sandrah about this.

Firewine can wait, we'll have to find a way to get to Waterdeep!