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Part 39: Chapter XXXIX - Oh, yes, she's a perfect whore thanks to you.

Chapter XXXIX - Oh, yes, she's a perfect whore thanks to you.

With that bit of chiropractic out of the way we can make our way back to the Friendly Arm inn. But first a beauty sleep.

Oops, let's try that again.

Jackpot. :heysexy:

The next morning...

...Uh, I'm pretty sure that's full-on sexual assault there, Sandrah.

South of the inn we meet these goons.

The cutlass is a welcome addition to our arsenal, we'll see if we can't find the house in Beregost later on.

We also find this manual, it'll probably come in real handy one of these days.

That particular death knights loves to spam power word: Kill. I have no idea how I was supposed to defend myself had I done this quest earlier like I was supposed to. Luckily I have death ward now and he goes down after a long fight.

A parcel, huh? Let's ask Sandrah about it.

How convenient, let's see what our options are.

Most of those options are pretty self-explanatory. Option 5 spams some alcoholic beverages while 8 upgrades your potions.

I also got this doll for some reason, I don't know exactly how it happened.

Enough about that though, how do we get to Candlekeep?

Luckily we're a stone's throw away from the inn.

Ha, I knew it would be important somewhere down the line!

Might as well return the favour and tell Shar-Teel about my past as well.


Aren't they great together? :allears:

(After installing something from the tweak pack I could dismiss Viconia from the party without her leaving permanently, I swapped her for Ajantis)

As soon as we leave the inn...

She takes us to the western part of the FAI area. While we're on our way there.

Not very personable, is she?


This is the Waterdeep road, the only Waterdeep-related area you can access from the world map.

Khattark flees into the nearby house.

Fear not, we will rescue your baby! :black101:

Well, that was easy. Too bad he got away.

All's well that ends well. We'll still have to deal with Khattark I suppose.

We head north to...

The Ducal PalaceWaterdeep!

What do you mean this place looks familiar? (The top left marker is where we came from)

The guards are not really competent, it seems.

Sandrah gives us a tour on the various buildings in the area.

God, he's such a bore.

Over here is the temple to Siamorphe.

Pretty small.

We also meet Ajantis' mother.

In the southwest is the festhall, let's go there next.

...Why am I not surprised?

This building isn't marked, I wonder what's in here?

A-are we in Sigil? Shadow Thieves ambush us as we're about to leave.

We'd better find Khattark fast.

The temple to Waukeen has seen better days.

Khattark! :argh:

Once outside the eastern exit leads us to.

Now here's an area I don't recognize, where's this from?

One of Sandrah's pets greets us as we enter.

We also meet Finch's cousin! :swoon:

We'll get that book to her when we return.

Going further east...

We arrive in this area, filled with guards and not much else.

When we head north from the previous area...

Sweet, let's check the place out!


...What is a Yuan-Ti doing here?

Whatever, let's check out the inner temple.

Khattark again! :argh: I think it's about time we hunt him down.