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Baldur's Gate Trilogy - Sandrah Saga

by Vichan

Part 40: Chapter XL- Nether lips.

Chapter XL - Nether lips.

A visit to Waterdeep wouldn't be complete without a visit to Elminster's house. (We exchanged Ajantis with Viconia before heading in)

That's a nice foyer.

I recognize Elminster and Landrel, but who's that other guy?

Henning! :swoon:

We fade to black, of course...

Oooh, another party member?

How would the other NPCs have reacted?

None of the others have any reactions, I even included Kagain and Faldorn. I will include their reactions for this chapter going forward. I don't know if I'll keep it up throughout the LP though.

We arrive at the gardens.

I'm genuinely excited to see how this will develop, is the mod rubbing off on me?

Ooooh, that's Pelligram?

Why does she have a portrait, why is it HUMAN? :gonk:

One reaction is missi-

Ah, I sense another romance blooming. (ugh)

After the garden we relax on the top of the tower. The resulting conversation has musical accompaniment(!)

Start this song at two minutes in (if it doesn't already do so automatically) and end it about 35 seconds later, let's continue.

The same song actually plays again during this chapter, if you're clicking through the previous dialogue (like I did while gathering other NPCs reactions) the songs will play over each other.

After this Vichan and Sandrah are teleported to Sandrah's bedroom while the other four get teleported to the foyer.

Viconia and Imoen decide to strike up a conversation during this time.

After arriving in Sandrah's room we immediately raid her closets.

Girl's got fashion sense, there's no denying that. :colbert:

Things quickly turn sexual, we automatically rest shortly afterwards.

We return to the tower area.

This would've actually been quite a sweet moment in a better mod, I've got to admit.

My, my. Lucky Landrel.

I have to admit that this experiment was mainly fueled by my curiosity. Would anyone else fuck Landrel?

Anyway, to Elminster's room!

...Which is a ship, apparently. (Oswald Fiddlebender's ship from the Icewind Dale games, as a matter of fact!)

I feel much more at ease now that we have more slippers. :doh:

Nothing left to do but leave this place, I guess.

Landrel will never be the same again.

That reminds me, does Sandrah have any new PIDs?