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Part 41: Chapter XLI - Tututu, sleep, my little girl, sleep, tututu.

Chapter XLI - Tututu, sleep, my little girl, sleep, tututu.

Lots of ground to cover this chapter, let's get started with Sandrah's PIDs.


Sandrah's not like other priestesses. :smuggo:

She's also quite knowledgeable on the Time of Troubles.

At least you guys have the option of skipping over these, I have to suffer through all of them, screenshot them AND think of something to write on them... :(

Again Sandrah is two steps ahead of the plot. Ugh.

Yeah, if only...

Sandrah's been around, in more ways than one.

As said before Sandrah Saga is not the only mod to give extended content to Winski, BG1NPC also does this with Dynaheir's content.

:barf: :barf:

Now that I mention it, all this barfing has made me hungry.

Good thing there's a high-end restaurant just across the street!

With one exception I won't be listing non-party members' interjections here, they all act like you'd expect.

I knew helping out this lady would have its benefits!

If Coran is in the party he has this to say, it's so awful that it actually breaks the entire sequence. Go figure.

Seats are for the weak! :colbert:

It's quite a long meal.

We just passed 100K in gold so this is nothing to us.


Just next door is Clarissa's shop, Henning's here as well!

As expected. Let's see what Clarissa's selling.

The various mods I have installed already throw a lot of these around, now I can even buy some?

Anyway, that's all it is for this area, let's go back to the first Waterdeep area.

Jen'lig's not impressed by what he's seeing.

Shar-Teel definitely is. :heysexy:

The festhall is the only area we haven't checked out yet.

The decor is pretty...modern. Is that a-


The collector teleports away right after this, we didn't even get a chance to check out his goods. :(

I decided to check out the sewers next, not much to talk about. It was filled with skeletons, blacktalon elites and...

Khattark! :argh:

We manage to take him down without too much effort.

This makes Shar-Teel melt.

Waukeen is grateful, too bad we're already swimming in gold.

Heading to the Waterdeep road...


Huh, thanks Elminster. :)

Speaking of the old coot, we still have some stuff to talk about with him. Let's go back to his house.

We quickly make our way to Mystra's altar in the garden.


When we arrive at the tower...

Elminster? Winthrop!? GORION!?

After this lengthy conversation they disappear, the flashback is over.

Can you guys see where this is going? Vichan sure can't! :downs:

Next time we'll inform the temple of Khattark's demise and see if we can't wrap up our time in Waterdeep.