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Part 42: Chapter XLII - Oh, how lucky I am to be loved by such two wonderful pussycats at once.

Chapter XLII - Oh, how lucky I am to be loved by such two wonderful pussycats at once.

Time to finish up Waterdeep, bit first...

I can't wait to meet Angelo.

I think she's angry at me, but with Shar-Teel it's hard to tell.

Anyway, time to tell Ringholtal that we dealt with the bandits.

I have no idea what skill unlocked for her, nothing new was showing up.

Sandrah all but decides I will be a blood donor, oh well.

After we collect the body and the dagger...

Sandrah takes a lot of damage due to this, Vichan barely gets a scratch.

Looks like it worked, after an automatic rest we're right as rain.

Oooh, more gear for Sandrah, is it OP?

You bet your ass it is, double damage bitches! :blastu:

Shar-Teel still has problems dealing with her emotions. She's getting better though.

...Maybe I spoke too soon.

There's some new PID options for Sandrah.

God, she's so humble!

What could this mean!?

I can also talk to Sandrah about me being a Bhaalspawn which I'm pretty sure I'm not supposed to do until we return to Candlekeep. Oh well.

Elminster's house has these items which I forgot to mention, we leave them alone for now. (The pipe weighs 3000lbs!)

And that's pretty much it for Waterdeep, at least for now! We're going to do some miscellaneous stuff around the Sword Coast and after that it's finally time to head for Baldur's Gate!

The house next to the Beregost smithy is first on our list. Nothing there aside from the operative. Strange.

While resting near the temple...

He's accompanied by about three other monks, they're all hasted but that doesn't save them.

What's so special about this book? We'd better get it to Finch fast!

Who writes shit like this?

We finally pick up our mace made just for me, of course I can't use it because I'm a Swashbuckler. :doh:

To rub salt in the wound Elminster upgrades it for us as soon as we leave the smithy. Gee, thanks.

Shar-Teel bellowing like an alligator is quite an image, let's go with that.

Kivan will be joining us again, possibly for the last time.

I think it's about time we put Viconia out to pasture. :farewell:

We head to Nashkel to visit Finch...

I had this conversation twice, I hope it doesn't break anything.

With all that done we're going to be heading north to Baldur's Gate, starting with the area just south of it where we previously picked up Ajantis.

Some of those options are just cruel...

Oh, for fuck's sake...

I'll say it again, BG1NPC Kivan might be bad but this shit is just offensive...

Chipper fellow, this Kivan.

This one I like, at least.

Not a fan of Shar-Teel's romance...

Ah, the three fishermen. That's a nice quest.

Sandrah's got it figured out...

...In no small part because of the shard.

Just before heading to Baldur's Gate proper we meet this mage, he doesn't want the egg we've been carrying around. Guess we'll have to find another person to deal with it. Why Jen'lig is not an option I'll never understand.


Next time we'll see if we can't press on to Baldur's Gate.