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Baldur's Gate Trilogy - Sandrah Saga

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Part 44: Chapter XLIV - Sweet little deceiver.

Chapter XLIV- Sweet little deceiver.

Baldur's Gate, finally!

Elminster greets up just as we enter the city, which means...

We're getting more OP gear! (-6 AC in total)

Eltan and Scar can be trusted, got it. :hai:

Did Elminster humour Minsc just now or is Boo actually a giant miniature space hamster? (Before you ask, every time Boo squeaks his sound effect plays.)

Elminster leaves us after this.

Haiass and Pelligram's relationship mirrors mine and Sandrah's, God help them...

Again we're pointed towards the Fields of the Dead.

It fades to black after this. Jesus Christ, Roxanne...

Dynaheir comes off as a creep during this but BG veterans can understand the reasons she has for exploring Vichan's dreams.

Despite Talos' wrath never coming our way without Sandrah Saga installed she insists it was inevitable. Typical.

This idiot tries to take my staff again. He fails. Again.

We kick Minsc and Jaheira to the curb...

...And bring back Khalid and Jaheira.

Still their old selves.

This is what you get when you've got a revolving door of NPCs joining and leaving again.

Khalid and Jaheira are harpers? No way!

(I originally thought this conversation was a bit more involved which is why I invited them back in the first place, oh well)

Khalid and Jaheira make way for this eccentric gnome.

Sandrah immediately decides she wants to fix him.

Who will fill out the roster, you ask?

I immediately regret this decision. (No, I'm not going through each and every one of those options)

While in Beregost we might as well deliver the relic we got in the dragon's hoard.

Gavin sketches. Big whoop. Let's go back to Baldur's Gate.

We enter the Elfsong Tavern. This FMV was not in the original Baldur's Gate but was restored with the help of mods.

Imoen decides to celebrate my birthday, making an amulet for the occasion.

Such a sweet gift, it even gives us -1 to AC. (Wizard slayers really get shafter, don't they?)

We finally meet Gavin's brother, Jolun.

What a nice fellow.

They definitely have a history.

Gavin can introduce practically everyone, but he's not the focus of this mod so :effort:

One of the hardest choices in the game.

Let's hope he falls in a canal or something.

...Crap. That means we have to kick him out. Bye, Gavin.


We go to the Hall of Wonders in order to pick up Alora, desperately hoping she has content with Sandrah. I don't think she does We can't pick her up just yet so let's pick some locks while we're here.

The wonders on display makes Jen'lig nostalgic.

I...don't hate these banters as much as I thought I would.

Alora finally decides to join us. Happy happy joy joy.

Keeping Tiax in the party seems nigh impossible with BG1NPC, sadly he won't stick around for long.

Neither will Alora, who doesn't seem very talkative aside from this banter.

We go to Sorcerous Sundries to deal with our egg problem, if we hadn't done this eventually it would've led to an encounter with a wraith spider. I'm pretty sure there's also a way to get it as a pet but we have enough of them as it is.


Tiax decides to leave us shortly afterwards, but I decided to reload a bit so we could deal with his sidequest which is pretty nice.

I like this interpretation of Tiax's backstory, when we go to the Blade and Stars...

Well, that was easy. Nothing left to do but report to B-


Killing Belgin is necessary to keep Tiax around but since he's going to leave us anyway we might as well let the poor bugger live. This is the third time an NPC with Sandrah content is being difficult, I might do a quick playthrough after this one in order to showcase their content. For now it seems we must bid farewell to Tiax. :wave: We also kick Alora out for good measure, she's not providing us with any content.

I've already managed to find one replacement...

Garrick is chilling at the Elfsong Tavern just like he said he would, no unique dialogue though.

Next time we'll round out the cast with another party member before seeing what these Shadow Thieves are all about.