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Part 45: Chapter XLV - Can you admire a moonblade wielder running around in the colours of a circus geek?

Chapter XLV - Can you admire a moonblade wielder running around in the colours of a circus geek?

Why did I allow this twit back into my party again? Wasn't there another bard that we met quite a while ago...?

Ah, Eldoth! I know he doesn't have Sandrah content but we can actually do his quest now. While going back to Baldur's Gate let's get some PIDs out of the way.

A bit too late to have this conversation, oh well..

Our protagonist, ladies and gentlemen. :suicide:

And just like that we arrive at Silvershield manor.

Sandrah takes the time to admire the gardens.

Just before we go through the door something wonderful happens.

An Eldoth banter fired? It's a damned good one too? Christmas came extremely early this year.

Anyway, once inside...

Shit, better reload and try the other stairs.

Jackpot, is that a new portrait?

So it is, all that trouble to recreate the BG2 feel and she has doll's eyes.

One of the lowest wisdom scores in the game, fitting considering the person she's paired with.

Skie actually gets a cloak here, it's not a unique item though.

Oh, we'll be gone alright.

Brilla is much more supportive in her own way.

Oh, I wouldn't dream of it.

These encounters were the only other thing I got from their time in my party. I was really hoping Skie would have something to say to Sandrah but alas.

After kicking them out we send Eldoth off to the Elfsong tavern...

...While Skie is allowed back in.

Kagain back in Beregost was an NPC we skipped, not because I hate him (quite the opposite) but because he doesn't have content with Sandrah. He can help us find Skie's brother, though. I'm sure everything will work out for the b-

Oh, oh dear..

Let this be a lesson to you, dear. It certainly was a lesson to me. :stonklol:

We also leave Kagain there, let him explain the whole thing to Entar. This does mean we have empty slots in our party though.

It's been a while, Xan. Welcome back! :)

Despite being a Mary Sue Sandrah REALLY doesn't want to be seen as someone with any sort of divinity.

When it comes to Xan's banters the wheels are rapidly coming off, I liked his earlier ones better.

I'm sure Coran will love the city.

Told you.

He really is in the best of spirits.

Ha, Xan getting a makeover. That's something I'd love to see.

Wait, wh-


Maybe he'll grow into it.

I dread to think what Imoen has in store for me...

Anyway, I promised you guys we'd go to the Shadow Thieves this chapter.

And just like that we're in like Flynn.

Narlen actually walks off if you don't understand him, locking you out of two quests and a very satisfying resolution to another one. More on that another time.

We make some headway with Jen'lig's quest...

...And also manage to get some valuable information on the Iron Throne. Never underestimate a drunkard.