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Part 46: Chapter XLVI- Hello, my not-so-little-girl-any-more, would you recognize your old growler, as you liked to call me?

Chapter XLVI - Hello, my not-so-little-girl-any-more, would you recognize your old growler, as you liked to call me?

While on our way to our first thieving job we stumble across a carnival.

Aside from these comments I couldn't find an actual merchant to buy ribbons. What a shame. :(

We run into this weird encounter that will be important later on.

A child-killer is hanging out at the temple of Helm?

Accidentally killing a kid because you thought she was a demon. We've all been here, haven't we folks?

Neat portrait, by the way.

Considering how horny Sandrah is that first line got interpreted in quite an interesting way the first time I read it.

Grey Clan, episode I is one of the mods with extensive Sandrah content, it seems. Roxanne even took the liberty of making her own Episode II and III. We'll get to those one of these days.

We're going to do some thieving first though.

We also get into some wizard rivalries while we're at it, I might as well post this one just in case Sandrah decides to finish the quest her own way as she's wont to do.

Xan is back to his old self again.

Coran's had some interesting flings, that's for sure.

Little does Xan know I'd sell the moonblade to the highest bidder before his body turned cold.

I always liked this encounter, Larze'll probably not be seen again but knowing Sandrah Saga he might ambush us with 40 ogres in tow.


Let's hope this never comes to pass.

Xan is just depressing me at this point.

Night falls and Narlen finally decides to show up.

We flee from the officer, all in all not a bad job.

Narlen seems pleased, and he has another job for us.

Let's get cracking.

My cat-mimicking skills let us get the rogue stone with him being none the wiser.

And that's it for Narlen, we'll see him again later on.

Imoen's such a tattle-tale.

If Xan can be a Debbie Downer then so can I. :colbert:

While we're here we might as well pick up this quest from the leader of the Shadow Thieves in this area.

Soon afterwards we run into another familiar face.

Hey, it's that snot-nosed kid who approached us when we first arrived at the Friendly Arm Inn?

And just like that we've lost Xan, at least for the time being.

I first wanted to replace him with Quayle but he doesn't have content with Sandrah, we'll bump into him again in Baldur's Gate II I suppose.

Might as well replace him with Kivan, I suppose. Maybe we can wring some more content out of him yet.

After taking a bit of a wrong turn we run into these mooks who turn out to be some of the smartest assassins in the game. Here they leave without any conflict, oh well.

Is this an ordinary haystack? Think again.

...Love tunnel?

This actually highlights one of my biggest annoyances with Sandrah Saga. Adding a shortcut between the two halves of North-Eastern Baldur's Gate is a worthwhile addition but the way it's discovered is just stupid. Why couldn't any of Sandrah's many acquaintances pop in to inform us of this tunnel?

Oh well, time to go to the harbor to see the harbormaster.

I don't recall this quest, we'll see if we can find some rats for them if we have the time.

Just an ordinary house? Of course not!

Looks like we'll have to check it out!


That was certainly interesting, I guess we'll have to be patient and hope we'll bump into them again.

Imoen dreams of being a colonizing piece of shit.

Calm the fuck down, what's the worst that could ha-

Oops, poor guy. Avenging his death was easy enough I suppose.

The harbor master's a good egg which we'll find out later.

Looks like it's back to find this captain, I hope we don't get derailed along the way! For some reason I'm feeling a bit sick...