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Part 48: Chapter XLVIII- You do not need to bleed from your wounds if you want my company after a fight.

Chapter XLVIII - You do not need to bleed from your wounds if you want my company after a fight.

You definitely don't want to skip this one, folks.

A baby was thrust into our care.

This is a cannibalized version of Coran's romance talks from BG1NPC.

So is this one. Expanding on someone else's modding work is bad enough but straight up plagiarism is even worse.

Xan is back, by the way. He can stay in the Elfsong for now. I have a sneaking suspicion that if a character suddenly leaves our party this means that the Sandrah content is all but dried up.

We reconnect with Uguth, the half-orc who we met on the road to Nashkel in chapter 9.

We eventually get him to man up and face his beloved.

Speaking to the owner of the Elfsong gives us some foreshadowing.

Coran decides to leave our party, we'd best head to the Splurgin' Surgeon so we can get him back.

...I was not prepared for what I'd find when we got there.


Coran's just overcome with emotions, maybe we should get some rest.

Who are you and what have you done to Coran!? :argh: I am looking forward to bearing children, though.

He seems unchanged in other aspects at least, I still think we'd better leave them both at the wayside for the moment.

Shar-Teel will be back eventually, of course. Wouldn't want her to miss her father.

I think it might be best to leave Coran permanently, though. For his sanity as much as ours. I do thank him for making the inevitable network visualization even more confusing.

Oh, boy. This is bugged beyond belief. Inviting Coran back didn't do anything, let's hope it won't break anything else going forward.

Minsc and Dynaheir will do nicely for what we're about to do. :)

It's been awhile since I've seen a romance talk I enjoyed. :allears:

We meet Aldeth again who offers us a quest, one that is easily missable because he's the 'evil' option in the druid quest in Cloakwood.

Which is a crying shame because it is ten times better than the similar quest that Scar gives you, we'll get to that one as well this chapter so we can compare.

Heeding their advice we look for Zorl and Irlentree.

Oooh, a party!? Let's drop what we're doing and go there right away!

...There's no party here! :saddowns: Let's continue our investigations.

You're supposed to be ambushed by some doppelgangers here but for some reason it wouldn't trigger.

Zorl suspects nothing. :downs:

That is certainly suspicious, let's compare notes with Brandilar.

Hard proof, huh. Didn't that merchant mention I should check the offices?

What kind of spy am I if I can't even drink? :negative:

Edie was a cut character that was re-added by BG1:Unfinished Business. We'll check back with her later.

I'm lying here, Gorion actually told me that my mother was a human from Silverymoon. I've got my bio memorised by this point.

A hapless group of people infiltrated by a creature with an undying hunger for flesh, where have we heard that before?

After a fade to black it all comes rushing back... :suicide:

We all know Sandrah Saga is horrible by now but the Minsc/Dynaheir/Sandrah love triangle takes the cake. Roxanne is obviously in the 'Minsc is mentally unwell' camp since one of the banters had Sandrah read to him like a child but she actually sleeps with him afterwards. The only person who somewhat objects to this is quickly talked down and is now apparently also seduced by her. This isn't a romance, it's abuse.

We are automatically taken to the third floor.

Looks like we're about to have a party after all!


This fight can be surprisingly tricky if you're not prepared. Since our party is hovering around level 12 they die in one hit.

And that ends Aldeth's sidequest, one of the game's best IMO. It's a pity it's so easily missed.

Not satisfied with Dynaheir the beast swallows another victim.

While we're at it we might as well do the *other* doppelganger quest that scar gave us, to the Seven Suns!

Something is afoot, to get the best reward we'll have to report this to Scar.

Time to deal with some doppelgangers!

The way to get them to reveal themselves is pretty obscure, another reason why I hate this quest.


We manage to free the guy in charge before he becomes a victim of the doppelgangers.

Not much else to cover, this quest sucks compared to the other one. All that's left to do is go back to Scar.

Looks like we'll be heading to the sewers next.

She really is insatiable, isn't she? :ohdear: