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Part 49: Chapter XLIX - Then onward, let us see the final chapter, the *EPILOGUE* of this *BOOK*.

Chapter XLIX - Then onward, let us see the final chapter, the *EPILOGUE* of this *BOOK*.

Huge fanfare for a location we're going to be visiting twice.

The person behind the disappearances was not hard to find, thankfully he also explains his motivations.

Nearby we find one of the victims as well as her signet ring.

After Sandrah and Scar have another one of their 'intermezzos' we get a reward. Sweet.

Oooh, we're about to meet the duke? Exciting!

He asks us to investigate the Iron Throne and also informs us of strange goings-on at the North Citadel, a place we'll get to eventually.

Let's set those two things aside for now and look for the captain so we can find Monteelah's island.

This place used to scare the crap out of me as a kid, sadly Sandrah doesn't 'heal' the bartender.

Dynaheir enlightens us on her stops during her Dajemma. I get the feeling she's not being honest with us though.

We run into the captain at the Blushing Mermaid.

Oh yeah, I forgot Sandrah could do that.

Everything is better with alcohol, especially Sandrah Saga. :cheersdoge:

After a lengthy conversation he brings us to his ship.

I'm sure we'll need it...

...Because these zombies hit like trucks, morale failures aplenty.

The resulting island shares its map with the spider area of Cloakwood, it's still filled with web traps but only contains zombies, it was a chore to get through.

We do eventually find the river source, Sandrah summons some bees who show us the way to the pirate's hideout.

It contained about 7(!) of those bags as well as some documents. Didn't Brage mention Sharkta Fai before?

Good thing we brought bags of holding. Let's head back to the captain.


The leader of the zombies has the pirate sprite and is way easier to take down, go figure.

He was also carrying the helm of Balduran for some reason.

...Did the captain man the ship all on his own on the way here?

The captain's corpse as well as his cabin nets us the books we need.

I knew my childhood obsession with nautical novels would pay off someday.

It's been quite the adventure. We've landed at the Shipwreck Coast, a place I'd completely forgotten about.

I sincerely hope this will all tie into something bigger somewhere down the line, otherwise this painful experience will have been for nothing.

Poor Dynaheir, her experience with the gnolls has left her with quite the mental scars. :(

Davaeorn's brother is hanging around near here, quite the random encounter. At least he's nicer.

Jen'lig gets nostalgic while looking at the ocean. :allears:

Good idea, Sandrah.

We had to talk to him twice so I could donate all 7 of them, netting us 9000 experience.

Next time we'll dive into some more mod content.