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Part 50: Chapter L - Together we can channel the powers of the godly seed inside of you into the direction that Gorion had wanted for you.

Chapter L - Together we can channel the powers of the godly seed inside of you into the direction that Gorion had wanted for you.

There's been a PID with Sandrah that I've been avoiding until now.

Postponing it didn't make it hurt any less, did it? :ohdear:

Thankfully Dynaheir is kind enough to show us how it's done.

Anyway, I was planning on heading back to Nashkel to continue the Dark Side of the Sword Coast quests, but first I wanted to explore some areas that I skipped over. Starting with the Lonely Peaks.

Oooh, another chance at romance? Where is this hut!?

Ah, perfect.

This little girl is looking for help, but why does she have the ogre mage voiceset?

What a surprise, the girl turned out to be an ogre mage! Not even Sandrah saw this twist coming.

The mage was carrying this cloak, let's hold on to it just in case and go back into the house.

Sukia's still here for some reason.

Special little-girl-look...? Jesus Christ, Roxanne...

And that's all she wrote for this area, kind of anti-climactic in more ways than one.

I'm sick of this already, let's just go to Nashkel.

Now we know why Sandrah is so insistent about the whole divinity =/= person thing. :barf:

Let's try and wash that conversation away with Dynaheir geeking over Volo. :allears:

Henning's shop has a new owner, it seems. A 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms' portrait was the last thing I thought I'd see in Baldur's Gate.

For some reason the berry deep gnome is here, every time you give her gooseberries an audible 'Ooh!' is heard. Since Wizard Slayers can never have good things they're restricted from eating the jam.

Trouble at the Ghastkill household!? Let's check it out!

Welp, that's not a lot to go on. Better walk some rounds around town to see if we can figure out what's going on.

...Is that a leprechaun in a tree?

Oh shit, it's Monteelah!

...What's up with his portrait? Why is Sandrah speaking French?

He teleports away leaving us to fend off some pirates.


I am going to miss her when we get to BG2. :cry:

Can we just stop and admire how clever Sandrah is? I feel like we don't do that enough.

Poor Noober, we have to find some way to help him!

The pieces are slowly falling into place.

Dynaheir enlightens us about her past, after that last part the conversation loops back.

...And again...

Definitely the best romance so far, not that that's saying much.

I'll let you know if Boo suddenly turns pink.

We helped this lady out by delivering her husband's ring to her, now she helps us by providing shelter for Noober.

We'll check up on them one of these days.

Holy sh-

Who could have seen this coming!?

Don't you dare ruin the only good thing about this experience so far, Sandrah! :argh:

Oh, this is one of my favourite Dynaheir romance conve-


Yeah, that's the stuff. :allears:

...Sandrah Saga is anti-fun. Maybe next time it'll allow me to actually delve into some content.