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Part 51: Chapter LI - I will make sure this damned god will not get a drop of water in my desert garden. May his seed be eaten by the ants and the snails. Bhaal begone!

Chapter LI - I will make sure this damned god will not get a drop of water in my desert garden. May his seed be eaten by the ants and the snails. Bhaal begone!

Finally, a quest! We might actually make some progress now. Looks like we'll have to head to the area north of Nashkel.

A gnome being accosted by half-ogres?

David Jansen flees, never to return. Before he even manages to leave the screen his assailants are dead.


He's so MYSTERIOUS! :swoon:

He's got some sweet gear.

As well as a shadow wolf...

...That shoots...lasers? :pcgaming:

We round out the cast with Branwen before going back on to the road.

She's taken her dismissal badly.

We quickly run into some messengers and a stone golem.

They're carrying a letter, interesting. Looks like we'll have to go to the carnival.

Dynaheir's my favourite but Branwen has her moments as well. :gbsmith:

Looks like we're off to Beregost...

...It is at this moment that I realise that this starts the Stone of Avaskar questline, let's shelf that for now and continue with the Dark Side of the Sword Coast content.

Onward to Castle Daerthmac...

...Which looks surprisingly like Durlag's Tower, both inside and out. It saves me having to screenshot the areas I guess.

Is a love triangle developing between our pets?

The battle horrors are no match for Sandrah's might.

The Zombie Lords continue to be a pain, thankfully Sandrah Saga only adds one of them to this area.

Nothing left to do but enter the castle, its interior matches those of Durlag's Tower, from the basement to the upper floor at least.

On the upper floor we find the key to the cellar, what's this about vampi-

Good thing I'm overleveled, otherwise I might've been scared. :smuggo:

No need to insult me, Sandrah. Sheesh.

She makes us two of these...

...And can make more for us if we want to. How handy.

I'm really tempting fate with these conversation choices... :ohdear:

I am DEFINITELY not liking where this is going.

I don't have anything to add, this dialogue is absolutely atrocious and there's SO MUCH of it.

After that word salad we head to the cellar and end up in an area based on the Candlekeep Catacombs.

Seeing through her act doesn't change anything, by the way.

Clairis and Daerthmac retreat at low HP. Come back, you cowards! :argh:

Jen'lig continues to shine.

Going forward eventually leads us to another Candlekeep area, with another area being based on the Ulcaster ruins.

We track down both vampires and manage to kill them.

Clairis' body holds this letter while Daerthmac was in possession of...

Berrto Ghaskill

After Sandrah reminds us what's at stake :imunfunny: we search the castle for coffins.


And that's pretty much it for this area.

Interesting loot.

CúChoinneach leaves us and he takes his wolf with him. :wave: Both Haiass and the pathfinding AI are grateful. The Beast simply laments the prey that has just escaped its trap.

Branwen's combat effectiveness is compromised, what a shame.

We welcome back Minsc and Dynaheir and bid farewell to Branwen. :wave:

After setting fire to Berrto Ghaskill we head out the door.

Ah, yet another quest. An adventurer's work is never done!

Vichan has also had a bit of a makeover, courtesy of Midnight Voyager.