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Part 52: Chapter LII - Commander and Sandrah in union are strong for any future.

Chapter LII - Commander and Sandrah in union are strong for any future.

We deliver the message to Thomic, what an easy quest.

Otho's nephew is missing!? We'll need the help of an expert.


(Dynaheir's romance seems to be bugged, I'm afraid this'll be it for them for the BG1 portion of this LP, Khalid and Jaheira were supposed to replace them but they vanished while travelling to the Elfsong)

While travelling to the Elfsong to pick up our sixth member Yeslick is aching for revenge.

I love you too, Shar-Teel.

While I was here I decided to deliver a corpse to the local necromancer.

Please, enlighten us. :allears:

Sandrah hates necromancy, who would've thought?

These orcs are guarding a cave entrance, which is also shown on the picture. I have no idea how you're supposed to find it without a guide.

Sandrah and Deep Pond get down to business.

The cave system is huge and borrows areas from the Nashkel and Cloakwood mines as well as the Flaming Fist headquarters.

Oh boy, not these guys again.

Think this conversation is done? Think again.

As far as Sandrah conversations go this one is passable.

This area has basilisks, I think it's time to try out one of Sandrah's skills.

Sandrah gets abilities from people she meets and sleeps with. But I repeat myself. :imunfunny:

Let's see what it does.


Those basilisks didn't stand a chance.

Yeslick is experiencing some deja vu.

We also meet our first drow.

Sweet gear!

Shortly after this we encounter more drow, including a weapon master.

Oh boy, Bregan D'aerthe's involved? :negative:

Shar-Teel doesn't really get along with a lot of people.

That's a lot of Duergar, is one of them friendly?

Oh, goody! It's a dwarf!

He's so excited to join us and the battle's not even won yet, Shar-Teel can run along for now.

Nice gear.

And the stats and bio to match!

I have no idea why this happened.

Later on we encounter a death Githyanki.

We'll have to keep our eye open for a silver sword. What's this about a mount?

Blacktalon mercenaries?

Thanks for the heads-up, I guess.

Breagan D'arthe and the Iron Throne are in cahoots?

Seems so.

What followed was a pretty hard fight, Mortius and his goons were easy enough but Shar Nadal and his Drow were numerous. We eventually carry the day, as we always do. :colbert:

Mortius was carrying this crown, Imoen finally has something nice to wear.

Looks like we did some good here. :)

Shar Nadal was carrying the Silver Sword.

Might as well put the Dark Side of the Sword Coast credits here, they were found in a book nearby.

Just a few more areas to go before the exit.

What's up with that portrai-


Well, that was an experience.

Why does Sandrah get all the skills!? :argh:

We exit at the Bandit Camp.

Time to head back to Beregost.

Wrong game! Wrong game! :(

Good thing Jen'lig was here.

I really appreciate being sidelined every conversation, let me tell you.

And that's all she wrote for Dark Side of the Sword Coast!

Next time we're going to do some miscellaneous questing in Baldur's Gate, suggestions for NPCs to bring are greatly appreciated!