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Part 53: Chapter LIII - She always has *helpful* advice, but ask yourself who has the most profit from your heeding it.

Chapter LIII - She always has *helpful* advice, but ask yourself who has the most profit from your heeding it.

Might as well get rid of Ferthgil and Yeslick now that we're done with Dark Side of the Sword Coast.

Who will be their replacements, you ask?

Time to give the EE characters some love. Baldur's Gate can wait.

They both have unique weapons.

Dorn immediately talks to us about his personal quest.

Neera has to open up first. We'll get to her later.

I can just imagine what Dorn said to her to try and get her to talk.

Anyway, onward to the Gibberling mountains!

After beating up some skeletons Dorn warns us that Kryll is near. How does he do that anyway!?

We find Kryll surrounded by references to The Walking Dead. Some people complained at the 'immersion-breaking references' when the Enhanced Edition first came out. Those people had obviously never played Baldur's Gate before.

Jen'lig's opening salvo of Project Force one-shot-kills Kryll and her skeletons fall with her. :allears:


Luckily we can already go to Baldur's Gate, to Wyrm's Crossing!

You can be really cruel to Taris here. (I reloaded after this, I'm not that cruel)

When we arrive at Wyrm's Crossing Dorn senses Simeon's near.

Wouldn't you know it, he's right.

For all his bluster he dies easily enough.

And that's it for Dorn's quest. Short but sweet.

He does have banters after this, though. A lot of these conversations are voiced.

I instantly love anyone who calls Sandrah out on her shit. :allears:

Dorn has to make way for Rasaad, though.

He's voiced by Mark Meer, voice of commander Shepard. (and Cyric in Baldur's Gate II)

He's got some boots to make up for the fact that he's a low-level monk in BG1.

He also has quite the backstory.

Neera raises a good point, after resting at the inn she has something else to say...

East of Firewine Bridge, you say?

The EET World Map doesn't seem to think so. :colbert:

There seem to be some shenanigans going on here.

A goblin approaches us and leads us through the map after a conversation, as you can see he's quite talkative. Let's enter the cave.

They're obviously no match for us, I don't know what they were thinking.

We quickly stumble upon a corpse.

We take the ring and give her a proper burial.

Just as trivial as his flunkies.

We meet Adoy, who is immediately introduced to our protagonist.

We're interrupted by...

Red wizards! :argh: Luckily Adoy assists us in combat by transforming...

...Into a cute bunny rabbit. :3:

Luckily Ekandor and his goons are easily dispatched.

Adoy disappears after this, those wacky wild mages... :imunfunny:

At least we got this belt out of it. Time to head out.


I think I should say sorry for subjecting you all to this.

Also in this area is this house with a ranger in front of it.

We deliver the bad news of his wife's passing.

After a Rocky and Bullwinkle reference (I only know about them because of Baldur's Gate II) we're pretty much finished with this area.

It looks pretty nice. :)

Rasaad's quest is the only thing left to do, we'll get to that next time!