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Part 54: Chapter LIV - Jen'lig learn to trust Sandrah, no longer will hide from her.

Chapter LIV - Jen'lig learn to trust Sandrah, no longer will hide from her.

Yes, I am actually that awesome. :smuggo:

We swap her out for Viconia, though. You'll see why in a moment.

This house in Northern Baldur's Gate belongs to Jardak, one of the people who stole Jen'lig's sword.

His servant isn't exactly friendly. His loss.

Steel was drawn to Jardak's detriment.

Sunin's next, he's in Southwestern Baldur's Gate.

He summons some people to help him but falls nonetheless.

Sunin, Jardak and Semaj are all characters from vanilla BG1, making them part of Jen'lig's story is a nice touch.

Sandrah and Jen'lig bond over their infatuations.

Not satisfied with one conversation Jen'lig fellates Sandrah some more. I still hate these exchanges less than anything else Sandrah's involved in.

Rasaad tells us some more about his past, a prerequisite to get to his personal quest.

Speaking of which...

A group of monks accost us at the docks, since they're monks they're a joke to take down.

It's pretty cool that Viconia interjects here. Some of those dialogue options though...

Anyway, let's go to the Blade and Stars!

Yeah, I'm sure this guy can be trusted. :downs:

He opens the door and enters, let's follow him!

What a twist! :saddowns:

Sorrem escapes to the upper floor but manage to murder both him and the lieutenant.

Sorrem was promised a big reward...

...but he really should've gotten out while he had the chance.

To the Cloud Peaks it is!

How do you get here? By going east at the Nashkel Mines.

These areas are my favourite of the Enhanced Edition. :)

Ice Trolls are everywhere.

This starts a fight between us and the monks, the applicants fight on our side.

A good deed is its own reward!

Up the stairs is another group of applicants who are facing...

Let's be honest, we all saw this coming.

Well, that was easy.

...Crap. :negative:

The poor applicants don't stand a chance against us while Gamaz manages to flee.

Rasaad's a humble guy.

We enter the monastery proper.

Gamaz is waiting for us.

His faith shaken he flees again, leaving us to kill his goons.

The penultimate area.

Never mind that, who's approaching us?

...Okay, what the hell was that all about?

Further up we meet some prisoners.

Implausible but intriguing, I know this one!

We open his cage, of course.

Bassano vanishes after this.

Turns out this temple used to belong to Tempus.

Nothing left to do but go to the next area.

We deal with Gamaz's disciples while Rasaad tries to kill the man himself. He kept missing so we eventually just dogpiled the guy.

And just like that he's dead.

And that pretty much ends Rasaad's personal quest.

One can hope this'll make Rasaad suck a little less.

This area is beautiful in-game. :allears:

On our way out Bassano tries to backstab us, he died seconds after this.

Now that we've dealt with the EE content we'll get back to other stuff, hopefully containing more Sandrah... :barf:

Before that I'll see if I can't showcase some of Sandrah and Jen'lig's skills.