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Part 55: Addendum I - Mystra's Army

Addendum I - Mystra's Army

I figured I'd take a little break to showcase Sandrah's spells and skills.

She's got quite a bit of skills.

Some of them are pretty self-explanatory, the latter one is supposed to trigger banters but it's very hit & miss for me.

Sandrah's song is a mix of bard's song and haste.

Self-explanatory, gotten from various characters.


What does it do?

No fucking idea.

What about this one?

Beats me.


Can't talk to it, can't control it. Drawing a blank here as well.

Again self-explanatory.

Sandrah shares this skill with Jen'lig.

It also doesn't seem to do anything.

The other skill she got from her does work.

Jen'lig has skills as well!

Aside from the blast she shares with Sandrah she has another one, just as useless.


Gith door lets her teleport to a place of our choosing. That's pretty much it for her.

Sandrah has unique spells as well.

The lightbringer was also hasted. Thanks, Gavin!

Self-explanatory. (Sandrah has a knack for calling sex an 'intermezzo' for some reason)

Thanks, Coran!


Mystra has...interesting summons.

We've seen this one before, just thought I'd do so again because it's that awesome.


And finally there's resurrection.

I'm beginning to think this Sandrah character is kind of OP, and we haven't even unlocked all her skills yet!