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Part 56: Chapter LV - If I can stand it you should as well, be no baby.

Chapter LV - If I can stand it you should as well, be no baby.

Not content with killing Edwin over and over I've thought of the perfect punishment for him.

We welcome back Edwin...

...Only for him to leave immediately.

Thankfully thanks to the magic of console commands we get him back, with his old portrait like we've never met. Thankfully he remembers past banters.

For once I hope Sandrah's right.

Yeah, Edwin actually falls unconscious.

Once we get to Waterdeep he actually collapses again.

Let's head to Elminster's house to find out.

Better late than never, I suppose.

Edwin's not receiving the warmest of welcomes.

Anyway, let's see if Elminster's home.

Oh boy, here it comes.

That's quite the fucked up tale.

Also Winthrop fucks! :gonk:

Oh, Edwin. How we've missed your creepy ass. :allears:

This area is north of the Mystra temple, we completely skipped over it the first time around. Not that much to do here though.

Jen'lig has opinions on livestock.

There are some doppelgangers in a tent here for some reason.

It might not seem like it but you can enter this tent as well.


And just like that we can go to the Black Pits, a stand-alone series of encounters added to the Enhanced Edition. Normally you have to make a party specifically to access that content but Sandrah Saga allows us to complete it with our overpowered asses. Let's not go there now though.

To the north of this area we meet some fishermen who give us a quest. The festhall's a dead end (no-one to talk to) so we'll head to Waukeen's temple.

Before we head to the bookshop we go to Siamorphe's temple, again there's no one we can talk to but one of the chests has...


Anyway, bookshop!

I have no idea why Sandrah thinks Minsc is in the party.


Searching through the bookshelves we find...

Jackpot! Now back to the fishermen.

Crappy cropping but there's so much going on all over the place.


And just like that it's gone.

Ah, the classic tale of the mage tempted by beauty.

There's two doors near the harbormaster's.

Dogs, huh? Let's not go there.

This looks more inviting!

...God damn it. Good thing they're not too hard.

There's only one door we can enter in this room.

We find a Sirine and a petrified mage.

After quite a bit of text we're ready to head back to the fishermen.

Stone to flesh can't save Whytman, poor guy.

After a short conversation the Sirine walks towards the ocean. That's the end of that. Kind of anti-climactic.

The unofficial guide states:


Depending on your decision, you get different endings of the quest when you return to the fishermen.

Let's reload and try it out!

And after a fade to black...


I'll leave it up to you guys if we're going to do the Black Pits or not. Yay or nay?