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Part 57: Chapter LVI - ..mmh...that wonderful middle toe graced by the silver engraved ring that I dreamed of kissing...

Chapter LVI - ..mmh...that wonderful middle toe graced by the silver engraved ring that I dreamed of kissing...

This chapter will deal with the Black Pits and is pretty light as far as Sandrah content is concerned. I still wouldn't want to keep Black Pits' content from you guys so I'll show the dialogue in its entirety without much commentary. Not that that was ever a big draw to begin with.

Anticipating this she provides us with more unbearable arrogance, I have no idea what the hell that second banter's about.

She gets a new spell out of it at least.

Exchanging Edwin and Viconia for Khalid and Jaheira (yay console) turned out to be somewhat of a mistake, they're awfully silent.

Time to enter the Black Pits!

We're going to make a clockwise pass to the various merchants.

This guy's voice acting is ATROCIOUS.

Quite the colorful cast of characters.

This guy's supposed to give you hints before every battle but for some reason his advice is in the wrong order, ergo useless.

You have to talk to Baeloth before every battle to get it started. This chapter will already be long enough so I won't be showing it again.

We arrive too late to save these guys.

At least we qualified!

We're teleported back to the resting area.

Sandrah not knowing something? That's new.

Not a lot to say about these encounters, needless to say we're extremely overleveled.

Every so often a gladiator team will appear in the prisons.

Poor guys, they turn out to be the 'endboss' of the tier 1 fights.

Sandrah is determined to be two steps ahead of every single plotline in the game.

We can start the tier 2 fights now which means everyone has something new to say. Again we go clockwise.


New prisoners as well, I can't wait to face the smug bastards. Treacle is voiced by a vanilla BG1 voice actor that I couldn't place. Did I mention almost every line is voiced? Beamdog spent a lot of effort on this.

The tier 2 fights. Still a breeze. The Ogre Mage fight had five portals spawning enemies, a neat concept.

This prompts yet another round past the shopkeepers.

Now that that's over with we might as well check the prisons.

He seems cool.

Too bad we had to kill him. :negative:

This is the last bit of Sandrah content for this chapter. Why Roxanne thought it was a good idea to integrate The Black Pits into the main game I'll probably never understand.

Anyway, time to make a final round.

Why go through all the trouble of screenshotting this if it barely relates to the LP at all? The answer is quite simple: :spergin:

Looks like the beholder's siding with Baeloth.

The Rakshasha and Thardek as well? This might turn into quite a fight.

Well, that's anti-climactic. For some reason Baeloth's allies turned on him, the beholder didn't even bother showing up. Maybe Sandrah did some shit behind the scenes.

The gang shows up to thanks us before the non-Duergar teleport out of this place.

Dinguer prefers to fight us, together with the duergar who pour into the arena to throw us out.

Time to get out of here. (If you wait too long the genie simply leaves you to the Duergar)

After scaring the living daylights out of the barkeeper we're done with the Black Pits, probably the most Sandrah-lite chapter so far. This also means we're finished with the Waterdeep content, at least for the BG1 portion of this LP.

Will we finally get to Baldur's Gate content like I promised ages ago? Tune in next time to find out! :keke: