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Part 59: Chapter LVIII - The lovelelelely Sandrah...

Chapter LVIII - The lovelelelely Sandrah...

The trial seems to have melted Safana's heart, EVERYONE must love Sandrah at the end of the day or die for their defiance. :black101:

At least it didn't fade to black.

I must admit that Safana is one of my least-played NPCs outside of the post-chapter 4 ones, mostly because she's so out of the way. If Bioware had put her on the Coastway Imoen might not have even existed, a comforting thought considering the horrors that we've witnessed in these past few weeks.

Edwin makes way for Coran, I know I said he wouldn't be coming back but I wonder if he interacts with Safana at all or if Sandrah puts a stop to that.

The paladin I was warned about, he attacks you if you have evil members in your party. Before the Enhanced Edition killing him incurred a -10 reputation hit, now it's -3. I'm surprised Sandrah didn't try to 'heal' him.

I had to force this banter through cheats, I'm pretty sure they don't talk otherwise. Shame.

Let's exchange both of them for Minsc and Dynaheir, why?

Because I've fixed Dynaheir's romance! :swoon:

Anyway, I think it's time to delve into the Grey Clan mod.

The tattooed man has voice acting.

He flees before we manage to kill him.

He said, just after having finished a battle.

No time to waste, let's go house-to-house!

It fades to black after this... :barf:


Aha, it seems we've found our house!


Gartuffe is the handsome chap to his right.

Jusam to the rescue, and he's brought a gnoll with him! The resulting fight was a lovely clusterfuck. :allears:

Looks like we're off to the Friendly Arm Inn!

Linda teleports away, leaving us to deal with Vladimir, who is the only survivor of the golem's attack.

Sandrah knows everyone!

Looks like we need to find six keys, time to explore the outskirts. While we do so the guards of the inn are fighting the invaders, a nice touch.

Without breaking a sweat the mysterious mage turns the knights into skeletons, leaving us to fight with them.


There's an ogre mage outside the temple.

As well as some flaming fist deserters, quite the diverse band of misfits.

We meet Tergius who fills us in on the situation, not as helpful as I'd hoped...

We meet a dwarf in search of a helm.

As well as a knight in search of his beloved.

Nothing left to do but explore the two houses within the walls.

Gotta keep an eye out for this Robert fellow.

No loyalty among thieves.

Doing these things got us the keys we need, we have to insert them in the right order so as to not get fireballed to death. We'll need more to go on.

Time to storm the Friendly Arm Inn proper! :black101: We go into the entrance and...


Before he can answer...

We're teleported outside. Thanks, Tergius!

We still have to find the crystal. The Ogre Mage was in front of the temple, maybe we should check in there?

Inside we find some survivors, including Robert!

While trying to talk to Felicia the captain of the guard fills us in on what's been going on.

Talking to Felicia again nets us another quest. No sooner to we step outside...

We're forced to defeat Grachus as well as the undead he's summoned. Sandrah doesn't react to her 'old growler' Jedyan being one of them for some reason.

Grachus' corpse holds the crystal we need as well as the golden helm.

That's one thing dealt with, at least.

Going back to the entrance we can now teleport in and out of the inn.

This guy can petrify us, luckily we were warned. :black101:

In the kitchen we find Charles, we send him back to the temple and follow him there.

Not the most informative guy, oh well.

Going up from the main floor we find this guy 'in flagrante delicto', what a way to go.

Reufasio's victims get rescued thanks to the scrolls we found on his body, this includes Damien's sweetheart!

When we get to the next floor...

That's a good thing, I suppose.

After that exchange we get into a pretty tough fight, Linda LOVES to cast spells to turn us against each other but we manage to beat her.


This will be important later.

Aha, now we can interact with the mold golem!

Oops, that's what I get for screwing up.

Succeeding leads to the golem's death, a lot of diamons, a tome of clear thought as well as...


He doesn't have anything worthwhile to sell. (Rudi the metaphysician was the gnoll that aided us back in Baldur's Gate, interesting)

Reading the message again leads to the secret message 'BEREGOST INN', that can only be Feldepost's!

We take care of unfinished business and immediately make our way over there.

He teleports us to...

...Definitely not Feldepost's inn...

Teven and Raiken were the two possible options to infiltrate the bandit camp, we took care of Raiken back in Cloakwood.

I love this mod. :allears:

...A patsy? Where have I heard that before?

The plot thickens.

Which means that Sandrah can't help but butt in. :suicide:

The screenshots do a shitty job of showing what was going on, Monica cast a fireball that propelled us backwards before teleporting away, this allowed us to buff and make mincemeat of the mages she left behind as well as poor Teven.

We take a wardstone from their corpses and make our way out of there.

Our new friends are waiting for us.

And that concludes the Grey Clan Episode One, all in all I really enjoyed playing this mod. The encounters were interesting, it made excellent use of 'classic' areas and Sandrah's interjections didn't put too much of a damper on things. It's too bad the sequels were never ma-

Oh, yeah. I forgot. Roxanne went out of her way to make an Episode Two AND Three. :suicide:

Will the quality inexplicably go into a nosedive? Only time will tell.