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by Vichan

Part 61: Chapter LX - If you are going to try to kill us then go right ahead, but give us some credit for intelligence!

Chapter LX - If you are going to try to kill us then go right ahead, but give us some credit for intelligence!

Lots of vanilla content today.

Sandrah not knowing who Mendas is makes me a bit suspicious but we board the ship anyway.


Great, just great...

The island seems inhabited.

No-one wants to talk to me until I talk to their leader.

They're very obsessed with smells.

Werewolves are threatening this human settlement!? We have to help them!

We pick up some more quest while we're at it.

While also talking to some other locals, including a sailor from Amn who tries to warn us.

If we were female Delainy would be replaced with Durlyle.

She's quite popular to the point that it inspired an abandoned NPC mod. Had it been released Sandrah would probably have an extremely passionate romance with her.

Anyway, time to make our way to the northern part of the island.

Nothing gets past Sandrah. :colbert:

Lots of encounters with wolfweres here. They're like werewolves except their 'original' state is wolf instead of humanoid.

We manage to recover Evan's corpse from the Sirine without a fight at least.

A hut? You'd have to be crazy to live here!

I love Dradeel... :allears:

See above.

Anyway, one more place left to explore.

Balduran's Ship is filled with wolfweres, once we get to the top...

Well, I guess that concludes negotiations.

I usually have a LOT of problems with this encounter, thanks to our OP weapons we manage to carry the day without too much problems this time around.

We rescue the baby and find Dradeel's spellbook. Balduran's logbook is also quite an interesting find, I wonder if we're able to enter Candlekeep with it? No.

Draedel Draedel Draedel, I made it out of clay.

Gee, thanks a lot...

We go back to the village to deliver all the quests.

I guess we can pick some flowers for her.

Considering Belladonna is used to cure lycanthropy this is quite the gesture.

Tailas is such a spoilsport...

Take that! :black101:

Almost all of the villagers are hostile to us now, Maralee tells us to head to a nearby building.

Dradeel pops back for a bit to help us out, we'll run into him again much, much later.

The nearby house has a trap door leading to some caverns. Not much to tell, it's filled with lycantropes.

Sandrah tries to reason with her by pointing out how smart she is, surprisingly it doesn't wo-

And with that they all walk away, combat is avoided.

Sandrah's right, we still have to deal with Selaad, let's use the boat to get our of here and next time we'll de-


D-did we die and go to heaven?

These grapes are lying around everywhere, we can't do anything with them though.

The beast will feast tonight.

...And so will I. :heysexy:

You'd think you could use the grapes to make wine but instead we find a bottle on the boat. :shrug:

This seems like a perfect way to end things, next time we'll deal with the fallout of our little excursion and delve into some more submod content.