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Part 63: Chapter LXII - Make yourself comfortable over here, you deserve some special care from me today.

Chapter LXII - Make yourself comfortable over here, you deserve some special care from me today.

Our next destination is the Northern Citadel, Eltan told us to investigate some disappearances here. There's a hut to the left of the citadel and a mausoleum in the upper right, keep those in mind.

It's mostly peaceful but a mummy is hanging out here for some reason.

Hey, it's the child-killing paladin!

Looks like he's close to slaying the demon that caused his fall from grace. I'm sure he could use a hand.

The demon isn't hard to take down, neither are the ghast and ghoul that he summoned. The Greater Mummy was an absolute bitch with tons of HP.

Tempus is impressed.

Dauron takes his leave of us shortly afterwards.

The headstones have messages, this one is my favourite.

Let's check out the house next.


...I don't know what else I was expecting to be honest.

Luckily Dynaheir manages to cheer me up. I'm pretty sure this is her last romance talk that's not gated behind a story event. It was good while it lasted. :3:

In front of the Citadel a monk is holding his own against a sizable amount of kobolds. Once we arrive they're dead within seconds.

Not so much as a thank you, prick.

Eldod shares a voice set with Eldoth, I mistrust him already.

Once inside we're greeted by Satos, he fills us in about what's going on and introduces us to...

...Quite the colorful cast of characters, that gnome seems familiar somehow. :thunk: They run off after the conversation.

Lots of rooms in the citadel and I'm not going to bother screenshotting them all, know that we're handling the rooms in a clockwise order starting with the left one and ending with the right one.

A lot of people giving us the cold shoulder, sheesh...

The maid practically acts like an inn. Sweet.

She gives us a scroll of restoration that I can use 'when the time is right', being an idiot I did not use it at all. :doh:

You might have noticed Pique quoting Imoen at the end there. Pique was actually Imoen's original name in early versions of Baldur's Gate where she was just a guard at Candlekeep.

Anyway, he points the finger at Eldod and runs off. That means we're done with the left-wing. Now to the 'upper' wing.

This guy shares a voiceset with Ajantis. I hate him already.

Hasten is sorta helpful, Utor seems a bit touched in the head. Bless his soul.

Taking the stairs down from the previous area we run into Shelton who ALSO points the finger at Eldod. You'd think this'd be the 'right time' for me to use the scroll of restoration but since I'm an idiot the possibility went right above my head.

Time to head back upstairs.

Sheesh, that's just evil... Time for some revenge! :black101:

What a shame.

Anyway, only the right wing is left.

And that concludes Dauron's quest. Let's hope the poor soul manages to find his peace.

Interesting, we'll come back to this once we've finished investigating.

Instead of using the scroll we talk to the guy, he runs off to his room afterwards...

Where I ALSO talk to him instead of using the scroll, he runs away again instead of attacking. I am very smart. :downs:

Oh now, Satos dies a completely unavoidable death! :saddowns:

We'd best head to the mausoleum.

We meet the mastermind behind the kidnappings, and it seems like Eldod, Mardoroan and Kamira were in on it as well!

Also this fellow called Hobgod. We take care of them without too much trouble.

A bittersweet ending.

Meanwhile, in an alternate universe:

This is the sequence of events if I'd used the scroll of restoration on Eldod, if I did it early enough Utor, Satos and Eldod would still be alive. We have to live with our mistakes though....

Back at the Citadel Lenore is devastated.

The key to the altar is on an island somewhere, I think I know just the person who can take me there.

Nadalin can take us to Salamander Island.

Once we arrive we encounter some friendly Ice Salamanders. (No point in posting a map, this is 75% of the whole area)

Well, that was anti-climactic...

There's a bit more Northern Tales of the Sword Coast content but we can't access it just yet, I think it's best if we do something else for the time being. All in all I really enjoyed my time at the Northern Citadel, the area looked neat and having a quest with multiple endings is always nice! :)

Next ti-

You again!? :argh:

Vennagrat teleports away before combat begins. Talos is all alone which makes him an enormous pushover.

An avatar of Talos appears once the man himself bows out, or maybe he was always there and didn't bother to join in until now? I have no idea. :shrug:

Nothing left to do but head back.

Next time we'll exchange Minsc and Jaheira for some fresh, bearded faces as we plan to delve the depths of Durlag's Tower! :black101: