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Part 65: Chapter LXIV - Not for use by unclean. Jen'lig only clean to use.

Chapter LXIV - Not for use by unclean. Jen'lig only clean to use.

Strap in, folks. This is another one you don't want to miss.

We were supposed to visit Elminster to continue the Grey Clan questline but apparently the old coot got impatient.

We picked up this thing after the end of the initial Grey Clan quest.

Anyway, we are teleported to...

Outer space?

There's a Myconid Watcher that was pretty hard to take down at the entrance.

Unsurprisingly the academy is home to sorceresses, some of whom try to taunt Sandrah.

Seems like we've thwarted part 3, and we're about to stop them entirely!

She summons reinforcements but to no avail, she flees before we can finish her off.

We finish her off in the next area...

And use the portal in the area after that that teleports us to Elminster's house.

And that's it for Episode Two of the Grey Clan, not half bad as far as Sandrah Saga goes.

On our way to the Friendly Arm Inn Sandrah teaches pervy Kagain a lesson.

The inn is back to its usual self!

We tell both dwarves to scram and pick up Viconia.

And Drizzt at Ulgoth's Beard to round off the cast!

Sandrah immediately lies about the influence she has on all of us. The trap is set.

He's as overpowered as you'd expect, and rightfully so. :hai:

Not sure why Regis opens with this since we need to talk to him to proceed.

That's right, after talking to him again he teleports us to...

The Nine Hells, as promised. Oh boy.

Wulfgar just leaves after this, he was supposed to join our party but Sandrah Saga makes it so that Drizzt's companions can't be recruited. Kind of weird that the person we're supposed to rescue just runs off but oh well...

We find a nice throwing axe.

Drizzt can handle these creatures well enough, he still takes a lot of damage from them. This leads him to be a bit confused as to where the hell he is in the first place. Let's hope his brain damage won't lead to questionable decisions later in the chapter.

This guy was easy to take down.

We got quite the pay-off out of it.

Shortly afterward Jen'lig bites it and Sandrah revives her, I have no idea what Jen'lig is trying to say at the end there.

In the second (small) area we run into another demon, a bit harder to take down.

We solve a riddle at the end and just like that we're back at Ulgoth's Beard.

No sooner do we arrive that Elminster teleports us once again to Icewind Dale.

Aside from the Cyclops there's orcs, goblins and wolves here.

Regis greets us in Bruenor's cabin, looking around we find the diary.

Not too much to go on, let's head north from here.

The village he's talking about is to the south, but we head north first.

Aside from goblins there's the annoying baby dragons that gave us so much trouble ages ago. Drizzt and his fire resistance come in handy here.

Drizzt inches ever closer to the maw.

Also does Roxanne even know what an Avocado looks like?

These areas are actually represented on the world map, we're going to the village next.

I love Icewind Dale's sprites. :allears:

Looks like we have a baby to rescue! :black101:

Nibby sends us to a side area with some Cornugon's at the end. Not much else to say about it.

North of the village we find an airship.

With one of the Jansens inside!

Further north we run into some more ice giants as well as the baby we were looking for, we're rewarded with a horn and the warm feeling of a job well done. :gbsmith:

Anyway, time to go back to Bruenor's cabin so that we can continue with the quest. While trying to rest...

I reiterate, I don't like where this is going...

Drizzt got assaulted by Midnight? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, it seems.

Wait, is she also going to...

Come hell or high water, the Beast must feed... :barf: :barf: :barf: