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Baldur's Gate Trilogy - Sandrah Saga

by Vichan



Again we fade to black, they're really going at it... :gonk:

Even for Sandrah Saga this is really icky.

The area north of Bruenor's cabin is also filled with werewolves.

This cave seems extremely ominous.

A beautiful area. :)

The area after that is just a tomb, its inhabitant has a quest for us.

Uh-oh, looks like a lich encounter is imminent.

I wish 'Fifty Ways To Kill Your Kangaxx' was an actual book. :(

Not even Jen'lig can make Drizzt and Sandrah's relationship look good.

A smaller cave to the north of the one we're in has the skull we need, we can also turn into a werewolf if we want to. Neat.


Jen'lig tries his best to hold him off after we flee the tomb.

After many reloads it turned out that spamming Sandrah's summons was just the thing we needed. He doesn't transform into a demilich just as Sandrah predicted.

We get a nice ring out of the ordeal.

The guide states:


The Lich is named Kangaxx and your reward is a ring BUT this is not the same ring or lich you find later in

...I'm still confused.

Finding Bruenor safe and sound we venture forth into the caverns.

But not before Drizzt gives some more info on Midnight and Cyric, I'm 90% certain that his view of Cyric is not canon.

We encounter our fair share of Drow...

...A spider queen who summons a shitload of spiders...

...These two statues which wrecked my shit more times than I can count by spamming fireballs...

...And a battlemage who's smug about leading us into a trap.

Sandrah knows everyone!

I absolutely love how every banter is just there to stroke Sandrah's ego.

Interesting area, the right door leads to...

An encounter with some Drow priestesses , both of which are carrying Ashideena.

The right door leads to...

...Jarlaxle, Errtu and Artemis Entreri, quite the rogues' gallery.

Catti-Brie takes a moment to talk to us before fleeing.

You'd think this fight would be extremely hard but it wasn't all that noteworthy, Artemis got hit by project force early on and for some reason just decided to lay there for the majority of the fight.

Jarlaxle has some sweet gear.

So does Artemis. Vichan can make great use of these!

We also find a scroll that lets us upgrade the Ice Slasher, more on that later.

Nothing to do but head back, I guess.


What a random place for him to pop up, he's dead in moments as well. He could barely get a hit in.

While exiting the caves we meet this mysterious robed figure who teleports us to...

The mountain of the dead, how ominous.

There's a dragon skull laying around here, this'll come in handy in a bit.

Just the sight of this screenshot is giving me PTSD.

Inside we find a dwarf who can smith some items for us, I told you that scroll and skull would come in handy!

(Also can modders stop using 'by Moradin's hammer' every other sentence whenever a dwarf talks?)

This area is filled with vampires. Hasted vampires. With tons of HP.

We eventually make it to this area which is no better than the first.

See those two women at the back? They spam Power Word: Kill. I've got two Death Wards per rest. :negative:

At least the loot's worth it.

The robed figure uses David Warner's voice lines from BG2, who on earth could he be!? This encounter was such a pain that even getting this screenshot took some effort. Fireballs, Power Word: Kill, you name it. I had to reload more times than I could count and only Sandrah's overpowered summons drawing his attention allowed me to carry the day. Did I mention a Tanari appears later on in the fight?

...Where did I hear that before?

...Still drawing a blank. At least I know where he got the Tanari from.

I'm guessing this isn't the last we've heard from him.

Nothing left to do but head outside, I guess.

Drizzt leaves us, many tears were shed.

All of these areas show up on the World Map, by the way.

And that's the end of Drizzt Saga, yet another submod dealt with. I'm guessing most of the annoying parts were Sandrah Saga additions, the difficulty spiked considerably at the end for some reason.

Next time we'll continue our streak, I'd wager we're about 75% done with BG1 at this point! :)