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by Vichan

Part 67: Chapter LXVI - Everrithing is wrrong with you and false. You have the stink of the city's backwater deep in yourr expensive dresses and made up hairdo.

Chapter LXVI - Everrithing is wrrong with you and false. You have the stink of the city's backwater deep in yourr expensive dresses and made up hairdo.

And we're back on the Sword Coast ready to finish off some more mod content. :black101:

Quayle was in my party for a little while in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it kind of way but since Kagain suddenly got talkative I figured we'd give the annoying runt another shot.

Don't you wanna strangle him?

Let's give Faldorn a shot as well.

We head for the Beregost temple next, or rather the little vestibule next to it.

I just realised I've never had either Faldorn or Quayle in my party for any length of time aside from my first playthroughs as a child. I don't think I've missed much.

We're thrown into a fight with a demon knight and some skeletons. After our northern excursion they're pushovers.


Ruins to the east? That reminds me...

We briefly visited this cave east of the temple the first time we passed by this area. I figured we'd leave it for later.

Good thing we did as well, we have to face quite some fearsome foes!

The only noteworthy thing in this area is this poor, cursed soul. Getting a vampiric sword for him is quite an involved process, even moreso due to certain mods we have installed. Let's get cracking!

Before we leave this place we're treated to a Faldorn banter, with Sandrah no less. It's as much of a trainwreck as I imagined it would be. Horrible writing, out of place considering where we are right now, jabs at Sandrah, the works... :allears:

Outside of the cave someone teleports in...

Jesus, NOW you show up? We dealt with Kahrk ages ago! He brings some more ogre mages as backup to no avail.

Great, as if we needed more people after us...

Ogre mages keep showing up so let's deal with this as quickly as possible.

Gullykin is populated with Ogres now.

The culprit is hiding out nearby, as it turns out it's just the guy we're looking for!

I really wonder what the point of all these 'whatever' encounters is.

At least Faldorn has something decent to wear now. Speaking of which...

I don't think Faldorn has Sandrah content outside of that one banter and Quayle has barely said a word to anyone. We leave them at Gullykin to rot, we'll see them again in Baldur's Gate II.

Edwin and Branwen will be their replacements.

Our first stop is Haeball's tower in Larswood which we visited briefly before.

He's considerably less friendly than the first time we met. Oh well. *twack*


On a nearby desk we find a dagger which'll come in handy later on.

The basement leads to a grisly find...

The original inhabitant of the tower, I'll assume.

A pretty big fight with some goblins awaits us to the east.

Is this mod content? I have no idea. Might as well search around.


Branwen reads to me before we go to bed. :swoon:

Anyway, time to go further east to deal with Kelddath's issue.

I forgot about the amount of mages in this encounter, the Fire Drakes that appeared halfway through didn't help either. Time to reload.

This time they recognize Edwin and leave us alone. Strange.

It makes the resulting fight that much easier.

Ah, the duality of Sandrah Saga. Jen'lig really needs to butt in more often.

Another downside of having a revolving door of NPCs, Edwin wasn't with us to have any sort of confrontation with the Morning Lords. I'm glad it triggered anyway.

Kelddath is grateful. Time to visit Bram. (NOT Bran, I don't know why they keep getting it wrong)

Uh-oh, this leads us to a fight. :negative:

Time to reload and kick Edwin out for a bit.

There, much better. We might get to the specifics of his offer later, no promises though. We've enough gear as it is.

We exchange Branwen for Shar-Teel because why not?

Time to deal with a quest I've been putting off for way too long.

I always tend to forget about this quest.

Bastard. Get out of my face.

Time for some tomb raiding! :black101:

This place used to freak me out.

Charleston's second quest is a mod addition which we might get to in the future.

Hey, if Sandrah says it's okay...


You have no idea who you're dealing with, do you? :smuggo:

Think this exchange is sudden? Imagine how I feel, it triggered right as I entered a new area. No forewarning whatsoever.

I actually have to give Roxanne some credit here. (ugh :barf:) This is an actual lore thing.

Anyway, Talos teleports away and we get teleported back soon afterwards.

Another Northern Tales area. Definitely one of my favourite mod areas so far, it looks beautiful. :allears:

Orcs to the west? Sounds like a good lead.

Along the way we run into someone who needs our help, we take care of the gnolls and heal him.

How nice of him, we'll be sure to take him up on that offer once we're done here.

We run into the Orcs, they seemed to be interested in this tomb that we can't enter right now.

It's connected with Ghotal, of course. There's nothing we can do here for the moment, time to pay Keelor a visit.

Once we arrive Sandrah finally notices the dagger.

Keelor wasn't hard to find, we follow him to his house...

...Where he proves to be surprisingly informative. How many more Godchildren will feature in this LP?

Next time we'll head into the Temple of the Black Hand, the answers to our questions are sure to be found there! :black101: