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Part 69: Chapter LXVIII - (Smile) I am learning daily - from the best, from you.

Chapter LXVIII - (Smile) I am learning daily - from the best, from you.

The good news is that we're visiting the Iron Throne building this update, the bad news is that there's quite a bit of non-Sandrah content before we get to that point, please bear with me.

Before kicking Gavin out of the party we pay a visit to his parents. Exciting stuff, I know.

I'm sure Yeslick wouldn't mind a visit to the Iron Throne.

At first I thought Branwen would make a good sixth member but I changed my mind shortly afterwards, we did get this romance talk out of it. :smith:

Who will be our sixth member instead of her, you ask?

Yep, good ol' Breagar deserves another shot.

These 'items' occupy his shield and ring slot since he lost his arm, a nice touch.

He's still trying to cope with what happened. Poor guy. :(

At least there's some life left in him. :cheerdoge:

We immediately head for the Iron Throne building.

Before we even get near the building...

...Something is about to happen.

Well, excuse me...

Ugh, just as we're about to make progress...

...Who am I kidding, I can't say no to this guy. To the Cloudpeaks!

Ah, we're getting warm.

The giant is immediately laid on his back by Jen'lig's Project Force, we make sure he doesn't get up afterwards.

Quite the random assortiment. Probably run-off-the-mill by dwarf standards though.

He does.

Awesome. Breagar's back in the game! :black101:

Oh, Imoen... :allears:

With that out of the way we can finally head back.

Right you are, Bre-

Revianel!? She's the person running the orphanage! Looks like we'll have to postpone our trip to the Iron Throne. Again.

Taerom can barely hide the fact that they're an item.

Breagar questions my motives and enlightens us a bit on his backstory between Taerom's smithy and the Beregost temple, what a chatterbox.

Tobin takes us to the graveyard, the area is from IWD2, IMO one of the most beautiful areas the Infinity Engine has to offer.

Just one encounter and it's trivial.

We're not done yet, though. We make our way to the entrance to the northeast.

Outside we're accosted by a strange figure, she teleports away leaving us with one skeleton to fight.

We run into her inside, along with some others.

We kill the leader and the others teleport away. Come back, you cowards! :argh:

We run into Revianel shortly afterwards, she seems to be petrified. Luckily I always carry stone to flesh scrolls.

Yeah, she and Taerom are definitely fucking. That gives her a Sandrah number of 2. Six Degrees of Sandrah is a very popular parlor game throughout Faerun.

She teleports away, leaving us to investigate the rest of this place.

Oh, how I've missed beard talk...

Well, if you insist.

There, happy now? And to think I could've been done with Candlekeep by this point...

I'm seriously considering just keeping Breagar along but I'm afraid it'll take so much longer to get through the game.

We run into a lich who drops a key, I have no idea what to do with it as I couldn't find anything to use it with. Let's just leave it for now and head back.

They take us back to the smithy.

Revianel can go back to the orphanage, Taerom can 'escort' her whenever he wants and we can sleep soundly knowing that we did good here today.

With that out of the way we can finally get back to what we were supposed to do in the first place. I apologise for all these detours but it wouldn't feel right not to include most of them.

The Iron Throne building looms large on the docks, the dwarf in front of the building approaches us.

Oh dear. Good thing we brought Breagar along, huh?

I absolutely adore this area.

There's not a lot of combat if you know how to avoid it, a nice touch.

There's an ominous atmosphere about the place though.

We talk our way past the guard and head to the next floor.

The guard on this floor warns us, and we get to tease Imoen while we're at it. The dialogue choice at the end there is one of my favorites.

Glad to see you're still with us, Sandrah. I was worried there for a second.

Bribing him is the only option in order to avoid combat.

Being obtuse here saves Nortuary a visit to the mortuary. :rimshot:

Tar can't be dissuaded so we don't even try. Next floor.

...What the hell is up with this guy? Is he supposed to be a Xvart? an emaciated gnome? This has been bothering me for over 20 years. :negative:

Not even anything to drink, oh well. Next floor.

This fight was always a brick wall for me until I finally got some grasp on the mechanics of the game. It felt very good to plow right through them with our overpowered gear. :black101:

The real ambassador Tar is dead in a sideroom, the one seen in the screenshot was a Doppelganger.

Blast it, time to look for clues.

He's too good for my blades, I let him get away.

A letter on a nearby desk confirms what he's saying. Looks like we have to get back to Candlekeep.

That's odd, why is Sarevok claiming that he's already dealt with us?

We also find the contract along with a mithril necklace.

Sandrah makes up for lost time and gets ahead of the plot again while we stroke her ego. Basically the quintessential Sandrah banter, all it is lacking is barely consensual advances. :allears:

We head to the Splurgin' Sturgeon and deliver the contract to Grothir.

It is with this attempt at a joke that I leave you for the day. Next time we'll deliver the news to Eltan, head for Candlekeep and deal with the leaders of the Iron Throne once and for all. I'm also taking suggestions as to who to bring with me/deciding whether or not to kill the Iron Throne leaders, I'm suffering from choice paralysis when it comes to the former.