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Part 70: Chapter LXIX - And then - please understand me right, I am not talking out of vanity - I felt so disappointed that she never had the pleasure to get to know - me.

Chapter LXIX - And then - please understand me right, I am not talking out of vanity - I felt so disappointed that she never had the pleasure to get to know - me.


Imoen speaking in Dwarven would certainly make her conversations with Sandrah more bearable. What's Dwarven for quickest?

We discuss theology with Breagar a bit, I've got to say I really like him.

We're going to have to let him go, though. Despite being listed as having content with Sandrah we haven't seen a drop of it so far. Considering that the mod that adds him has only been translated to English relatively recently makes me think that she interacted with the German version of the mod.

Breagar has content throughout the Baldur's Gate trilogy and considering what we've seen so far I can definitely recommend him, I'll certainly be giving him a shot in a post-Sandrah playthrough. :)

Shar-Teel will be replacing him.

Don't know if I mentioned it before but declining to work for Eltan causes him to run up and kill us. Cold.

It's been awhile since we've seen a Chapter page, hasn't it? Thankfully we'll have no more distracti-

...God damn it. :doh:

He steals the book, teleports away and leaves us to deal with some thieves.

Thankfully Jen'lig points us in the right direction.

Sandrah brings up the subject of my mother just so she can talk about hers. Her feigned humility isn't fooling anyone.

He leaves again, leaving us with thieves as well as an invisible stalker. Since he said something about mines we head for Nashkel.

Zernan decides to attack us here, big mistake. The note points us towards the Nashkel carnival.

We visit Noober while we're at it, he's finally found a loving home. :unsmith:

There's an eccentric gnome here but we're full up as it is.

The mysterious man confirms that we should be heading to the mines.

They're absolutely crawling with spiders of all sorts.

Oh dear, Drow are involved now? We'd best head to the mines to find out what's going on, not to mention get our book back. :argh:

Spiders, webs and noxious fumes. It's like we're back in Cloakwood.

We also run into Drow, just as Sandrah predicted. It's quite the challenging area, in a good way.

The Drow Priestess is not interested in conversation, leading to a pretty fun final fight.

Shar-Teel got hit in the final moments of the fight, luckily Sandrah can revive her.

We get some nice armor.

As well as the book we were looking for. Its contents are interesting and we'll get back to them in a moment.

Normally we'd be done in the mines...

...But Sandrah insists on pressing on.

We rest a bit first, leading to another dark dream.

More drow! They seem to be...friendly?

Can I just say I HATE how everyone and their mother refer to Sandrah as a counsellor, including Sandrah herself? It sounds so arrogant and it feels unearned since she just seems to have a copy of the script handy.

With that bit of lore over and done with we're going to Ulcaster.

Yes, Ulcaster.

The Vampiric Sword was added in Tales of the Sword Coast and was one of the more obscure items in the game, leading to lots of forum posts on whether or not it actually existed. You can get it by giving the Idol of Kozah and some ruined armor from Firewine to the Ulcaster Ghost, due to mods we have installed we had to wait to get the clues to go here.

Sandrah immediately recognizes it, of course.

The sword allows us to free Torqion.

Taerom points us to the temple of Gond in the Hall of Wonders...

...Where a priest gives us some backstory and points us to a vampire hoard somewhere along the coast.

The 'eternal divination' soon arrives in the form of Sandrah. I know where to look now.


Alright, look.

I have no problem with Sandrah being all lovey-dovey and fantasizing about our life together after this is done. But she ALSO fantasized about a life together with Kivan, Xan and probably others that I forgot. As others have mentioned in the thread having the party be a polycule is quite an interesting concept but Roxanne has absolutely no idea how to competently portray something like that at all. Even if you bring up the fact that you're uncomfortable with her sleeping with other people, including a man who's brain damaged to the point that he likes to be read before bedtime, she gets all huffy and can even leave the party while claiming that she's 'run out of patience'. And keep in mind that we have NO WAY of avoiding this scenario, she basically forces a romance upon you and will always sleep around, including people like Aldeth and Scar who she has barely any dialogue with whatsoever before deciding to sleep with them.

I apologise for rambling but this shit is so infuriating that I had to vent. It doesn't help that she starts every banter with the voiceline 'Sounds good to me' to the point that I get infuriated when I click on her during combat and hear that line again. Pavlov's dogs have NOTHING on me by this point.

Anyway, let's move on.

I don't know how much more of this I can take... :gonk:

The island is on a river in the area next to the Gnoll Stronghold.

The sentry casts a fireball on us and we get teleported.

Immediately some golems attack us.

And further along is a single vampire.

After he dies a lot of loot teleports in. Mostly consisting of gold, gems and scrolls.

We meet the sentry again who explains the nature of this place. We decide not to go anywhere to plunder the vault's contents.

Sandrah knows all about these places of course. After bashing our heads against the wall we teleport out.

As a bonus I give you this encounter that I completely forgot about. Leaving it 'till after Candlekeep would make no sense so here it is.

Next time we'll finally return to Candlekeep and deal with some of my favourite moments from the trilogy. Promise.