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Part 71: Chapter LXX - Oh, my bestest puffing daddy, let me kiss and kiss ya quickest.

Chapter LXX - Oh, my bestest puffing daddy, let me kiss and kiss ya quickest.

No more distractions, this is the chapter where we tackle Candlekeep. :hai:

An Ogre Mage tries to sidetrack us but we brush him aside like it's nothing. :smuggo:

Finally, we're back in Candlekeep!

Good idea, my counsellors. :downs:

We soon run into Cadderly. And old friend of Gorion's, it seems.

We're going to reconnect with a lot of old friends this chapter. In more ways than one.

These are the vanilla conversations with Winthrop, in between them...


I don't know why but I'm constantly baffled by how bad Imoen's dialogue is. Did no-one proofread this?

Aside from the shitty writing it's a sweet moment, I guess.

Nice to see you too, Reevor.

Time to explore the grounds.


I hope they didn't dig Gorion up after we went through the trouble of burying him.

Don't remember this character? He was re-added with BG1: Unfinished Business.

The ever vigilant Parda warns us that something is amiss.

Fuller is hanging out at the infirmary.

We run into a priest of Oghma, is that a...?

Wait, wh-

Oh sh-

I have to admit this scared the hell out of me as a kid. For once Sandrah's insights don't feel as forced.


Enough dawdling outside, time to go in!

After the obligatory FMV we're flee to explore Candlekeep's interior! (I really wish you were able to visit it in the prologue)

Who needs Alaundo when we have Sandrah? :smuggo:

Karan warns us about Koveras.

Don't you hate it when this happens?

Some of Alaundo's prophecies are in the shelves.


Bendalis also tells us to be wary of Koveras and seems concerned about a fellow monk.

...Alright then.

This Koveras doesn't seem so bad, that ring looks n-

...We can't say we didn't see this coming, can we? :rolleyes:

Taking our counselor's advice to heart we don't take him up on his offer.

Imagine roleplaying as an evil character only to have Sandrah tell you that you are no murderer. Roxanne says that Sandrah works with all alignments. Roxanne is a liar.

The Chanter seems to be one of the good ones, telling us about Candlekeep's catacombs. Hopefully we don't have to go there.

Not all priests of Oghma are kooky.

Shistal turns out to be a doppelganger, imagine how more unnerving it would have been if we'd run into him in the prologue.

On this floor we also run into Rieltar, meeting some Knights of the Shield together with Brunos, another leader of the Iron Throne.

Killing them right now just doesn't feel right, especially seeing as though Koveras seems to want us to.

We take the time to bother Rieltar's companions.

This is what would have happened if we'd decided to fight it out. There's no post-battle talk or anything which is another reason why I've decided not to bother with it.

Piato tells us to check Gorion's room.

Inside we find a letter that turns our life upside down.

(BG1NPC turns it into a conversation in addition to the item that was originally there for some reason, probably so some of the companions could react to it.)

The only one who speaks up is Jen'lig. To be fair it's the only thing I need. :colbert:

On the top floor we're told that someone is waiting for us outside, let's explore this floor first.

Tethtoril brushing us off always rubbed me the wrong way.

I'd also expected more from Ulraunt, albeit in a different way. Oh well.

Outside we are immediately arrested for a crime we didn't commit.

Ulraunts is convinced of our guilt...

...Luckily Tethtoril bails us out by teleporting us to the catacombs.

No turning back.

Phlydia!? No! :negative:

In the western corner of the catacombs is a zombie lord that spawns ghouls, it's a good thing we arrived when we did otherwise we'd have been overwhelmed.

This tomb is a veritable treasure trove. Gems, a nifty cloak...

A book on Mystra which we already found in Ordolath's house.

As well as one of Alaundo's prophecies.

We'd better hold onto it.

Yeslick's banters are the best. :allears:

In the next area we run into more doppelgangers. Did they already completely replace our friends? I hope they're okay... :ohdear:

Arkanis and Deder show up to help. :)

We lose Deder to a zombie lord's cloudkill and while we're running away from it we run into a fireball trap that kills Arkanis. :negative:

Oh boy, Gorion is still alive and he's trying to save us! :downs:

Luckily Sandrah is there to point out that they're doppelgangers!

I love how that last bit of dialogue implies that thss is an actualy word instead of a sound. Thsss, I say!

It's good to know Jen'lig has our back, I've really grown fond of her.

Imoen doesn't react to Winthrop being a doppelganger, perhaps it's for the best.

Leaving the catacombs we enter some caves where we meet a man who definitely lives up to his name.

Sandrah's advice seems strange, what exactly are we supposed to do at this point?

Forgot to screenshot this but the basilisks in this area have been changed to medusas for some reason. :shrug:

Diarmid in his stupidity fills us in on Sarevok's plans before running away.

And just like that we've escaped Candlekeep and are in the final chapter of BG1. And it only took us 70 chapters!

Yeslick's words fill me with resolve, we're finally getting to the fi-

...What are YOU doing here?