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by Vichan

Part 72: Chapter LXXI - you are a bit too sweaty for my taste at the moment.

Chapter LXXI - you are a bit too sweaty for my taste at the moment.

This was not a pleasant experience and I'm glad to be done with it.

Before meeting Fabio I had two banters that I withheld last chapter.

Sandrah asks who inspires me, I'd have answered Drizzt but he's gone down a few places in my list due to obvious reasons.

Shar-Teel seems to be changing, is it really my doing or is it Sandrah's?

Anyway, back to this dullard.

Hurray, more adventure...

I'd say no but I don't want to miss out on potential Sandrah content.

How interesting, do tell me more.

Garrotten seems like the perfect name for a den of thieves to be honest.

These are our leads.

Much as it pains me Fabio takes the place of Yeslick.

We talk to Sir BillyBob before heading for Garrotten. No new content in Restenford otherwise.

Our final dream of BG1.

Little did we know our real nightmare came afterwards. Why must Roxanne highlight how young she is?

We arrive in Garrotten. Dreary place.


Some of the local fishermen give us a quest to track down a creature that's been giving them trouble.

We'll come back to this kid later.

We eventually find our first suspect, Abraham.

He loves to talk.

Going back to the stableboy puts more suspicion on Oscar.

Subtle fellow, isn't he? We'll come back to this later.

Balmorrow is in the local theater.

He has a similar story to Abraham.

The house next to it turns out to be Balmorrow's house, this guy followed me throughout town for some reason.

Martin sends us to Balmorrow. Another bug, I'm assuming. Oh well.

One of the acolytes speaks up for Harper. We're visiting him next.

I'm sure this will go over well.

...I'm pretty sure this guy is in the clear as well. That puts us in a bit of a bind. We might want to check with this Lothar.

I don't think the world is ready for Sandrahspawn.

This guy is definitely suspicious.

We find a Holy Symbol in Lothar's room.

Looks like he managed to give us the slip. Damn.

Before moving on let's deal with the fishermen's quest first.

These are the areas associated with it.

They're populated by lizards. Lots of lizards.

We rescue four fishermen in the second area.

Finally after a lot of combat we reach the king, he hits like a truck and has a shitload of HP.

He was standing in front of an altar carrying a Symbol of...

...Oh dear. :ohdear: We can't help but piss him off, can we?

Look who it is.

We're in for another fight. :colbert:

Snakes, really? :smuggo:

This should be e-



Looks like we have to use Sandrah's assets.

A lot of them.


That went way beyond my expectations, I've got to say. Talos teleports out before we can finish him, as usual.

After delivering the quest to Quenex we're back to solving the case.

Our cover is intact, time to head back to the inn.

Everything's going according to plan.

...Oh well, it was good while it lasted.

Abraham tells us to talk to Martin but he has nothing to say. Bugs, bugs, bugs.

Let's just approach the situation head-on.

He casts an offensive spell but disappears after we unequip our weapons. We can re-equip them after passing this area making this whole thing useless.

Nice-looking area. There's guards guarding the left stairs who won't let us to the upper floors.

Kind of anti-climactic, I've got to say.

I guess there's nothing left to do but head for the inn.


Martin finally decides to be somewhat helpful, time to storm the castle.

We antagonise the guards by trying to head upstairs and kill the lot of them right there in the hallway. :colbert:

...Who the fuck is Qualton?

The upper floor is pretty non-descript, full of guards.

We find documents in the mayor's bedroom.

Hey, I remember her. We helped her out the first time we were in this area!

We take her back to the temple and are glad to be done with this place.

...Yes, I managed to forget all about the kidnapped people in the castle. No, I've done nothing to rectify this. I want to be done with this area already.

As it turns out Qualton is in an area of the temple that I completely missed the first time we were in this area. Whoops.

He turns out to be totally insane. He dies almost instantly.

Seems word travels fast.


And just like that we're teleported out.

I HATE HATE HATED this part of the mod. I encountered bugs at nearly every turn and found the whole experience to be very confusing. And we barely have any Sandrah content to show for it.

Next time we'll return to Baldur's Gate, we're going to see how many more drops we can squeeze out of this bottle before finally putting BG1 behind us.