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Part 73: Chapter LXXII - Are you prepared for a hard fight, loverboy? There will be one in our bedroll tonight if you have the stamina not to run away from me.

Chapter LXXII - Are you prepared for a hard fight, loverboy? There will be one in our bedroll tonight if you have the stamina not to run away from me.

This is the penultimate chapter of the BG1 section of this LP.

As soon as we're teleported to the outskirts of Baldur's Gate we're approached by a smuggler. We accept his offer.

A red mage tries to stop us on the bridge, to no avail.

Said encounter was not related to the smuggler so I've no idea what he just did for us. Did we get scammed?

Before entering the city we ask Sandrah about Khalindra. If she's anything like her daughter said 'courting' involved lots and lots of badly written sex.

Eltan poisoned? Scar dead? It's a good thing we came along when we did.

Before moving on I stop by the Elfsong to see if anyone has got anything new to say.

Xan is positively euphoric. :3:

Things definitely seem over between us.

Branwen leaves us, never to return... :negative:

An OP spell is the only thing we have to remember her by.

This dialog really is something else.

Well, that was a mistake. We promptly kick him out for a final time. Did I mention every single of his banters has music?

We add Coran as a sixth member and head out.

A strange woman approaches us with information about Duke Eltan.


We're brought before Angelo and only Shar-Teel's presence saves one of our party members from certain death.

He even frees us soon afterwards.

Just as we're thrown out we run into Tamoko again. She asks us to spare Sarevok's life once we defeat him.

Sandrah sees a kindred spirit in Tamoko. If only Sarevok had listened to his counsellor.

Anyway, back to triggering banters.

The thought of Audhild with someone else is driving Breagar up the wall.

Imoen's Dwarvish is getting better.

And we finally get a Breagar-Sandrah banter.

I'm pretty sure that last part is a dig at his height. Bad form, Sandrah.

Remember this guy?

He's the Yang to Gavin's Yin.

Turns out he did have banters with Sandrah after all.

Minsc and Dynaheir rejoin us.

Oh God there's more romance talks! :swoon:

Anyway, we might as well make some more progress with the main quest.

We rescue the duke from the Flaming Fist headquarters and bring him to the harbormaster.

The Iron Throne building is next on our list.

The people here are in quite a panic.

This guy is Brunos' son, if you tell him you want to clear your name he decides to attack you.

We run into more people on our way to the top.

Sarevok's 'consort' summons two ogres to help her to no avail.

She has some letters from a guy called Slythe as well as...

Sarevok's diary, extended due to BG1NPC. Quite the tome, isn't it?

God, knowing what will happen makes this so heartbreaking...

Anyway, more banters!

I...actually quite like these banters.

This is all I could squeeze out of Faldorn.

Kagain also had one last hurrah.

Hey, Isra interacts with Sandrah after all!

And with that we're done with banters, there might be some drops left but we have to stop it somewhere. We put Minsc and Dynaheir back in our party and go right back to our quest.

The sewers connect to this underground brothel. A cool concept but the actual area feels a bit wasted.

These guys creeped me the fuck out as a kid, Krystin being invisible right from the get-go didn't help either.

Anyway, on their bodies is another letter and an invitation to Sarevok's inauguration in the Ducal Palace.

Everything's going smoothly.

Sarevok's looking pretty smug there. :agesilaus:

Oh, they'll be answered alright... :black101:

Yes, please do. This chapter is bloated enough as it is.

The noblemen turn out to be doppelgangers, keeping Belt alive was quite the operation.

Sarevok attacks us by himself.

Winski teleports in to teleport both Sarevok and himself out. I'd screenshot it but for some reason the sequence was a bit bugged.

He teleports us to the Thieves Guild.

I can only imagine their surprise when Sarevok teleported in. We follow him downstairs to the Thief Warrens.

I have no idea why Sandrah does this, they don't have any dialogue afterwards. Pretty random.

After navigating the maze (I HATE THIS AREA) we run into Winski who seems to have been betrayed by Sarevok.

He summons a demon who promptly chokes the life out of him. This was a nightmare to screenshot, partly because the demon dies so quickly.

If only we'd taken Dynaheir's advice... :negative:

Next time we'll change our party line-up and finally confront Sarevok once and for all. :hai: