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Part 74: Chapter LXXIII - (Hiss) Try to become weak manling god must end like this. Commander wise not to choose such path, Vichan made to destroy gods rather than become useless one.

Chapter LXXIII - (Hiss) Try to become weak manling god must end like this. Commander wise not to choose such path, Vichan made to destroy gods rather than become useless one.

This is it, the final confrontation. And it only took us 73 chapters to get here.

Shar-Teel and Kivan will be joining us, they both have bones to pick with some of Sarevok's cronies. For completion's sake I will also be including other people's interjections but this is the 'canon' party.

Words of wisdom, but my path is set.

As it turns out there's an entire ruined city underneath Baldur's Gate.

Right you are, Jen'lig. :respek:

No, may the gods have mercy on Sarevok! :black101:

Thank you, Sandrah. It means a lot to have you sa-

Of course she wasn't talking to me. It's not like I'm the protagonist or anything...

Sandrah can't help but bring up Mystra whenever she can.

Several others also comment at this point. Honestly I expected more.

We're not the only ones hunting for Sarevok, it seems. The second encounter is vanilla, I have no idea what mod adds the first one.

We run into this guy for the third and final time, he joins the fray and is quickly dispatched.

Before we can begin to take out the rest Tamoko approaches us, we manage to avoid a fight with her at least.

That dialogue option at the end there is one of the messiest I've ever encountered. Well done, Roxanne.


Bringing Gavin along and he talks to us right before the battle. Yes, his goofy music is playing.

Semaj isn't even on screen yet and Jen'lig is already talking to him. Jen'lig automatically casts true seeing and charges them but we manage to click him back to the party.

Mystra's army, reporting for duty! :black101:

Angelo, Tazok and Semaj appear and the battle is joined.

They're quickly overwhelmed.

Semaj teleports south and is almost immediately gibbed by our party.

By the time I check back in on Sarevok it seems Tazok and Angelo have already fallen. The man himself is completely overwhelmed and dies soon afterwards with Lathander's Lightbringer delivering the finishing blow.

Poor Shar-Teel... :smith:

Sarevok lies dead but it seems like our tale is just beginning...

I tried bringing everyone I could think of to this point but these are the only characters who react.

Vichan's grown a lot since leaving Candlekeep.

So has Sandrah.

After collecting a nifty robe as well as the Silver Sword from Semaj's corpse the game fades to black.


And just like that we're done with Baldur's Gate I. It took 43 days, dozens upon dozens of hours and over 17.000 screenshots. Certain bugs threatened the continuation of this LP numerous times but we managed to make it through, overall I'm perplexed that a mod this large is this stable. I expected Sandrah to be much more involved as we confronted Sarevok which is why this chapter is so short.

I want to thank everyone for managing to make it this far along with me. :) Your replies were a joy to read and will be well appreciated in the future as we delve further into this clusterfuck of a mod. Aside from a sense of morbid curiosity I started this LP as a way to thank everyone over at the Stopping at Infinity thread for rekindling my interest for these games. Regardless of the mod's attempts to snuff said interest out again I'm sure I'll replay this game somewhere down the line, Sandrah Saga excluded.

Up next is Siege of Dragonspear. Since I'm sure a lot of you haven't played the Enhanced Editions let alone this expansion I'll be including a lot more story beats than usual. I've got one tiny little update planned but after that I'll be taking a break from all of this, at least for a couple of days.

Again, thank you all. I hope to see you all again next time! :wave: