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by Vichan

Part 77: Chapter LXXIV - Sandrah - my friend - live long and prosperous.

Chapter LXXIV - Sandrah - my friend - live long and prosperous.

That's right, it's time for the infamous Siege of Dragonspear!

We start off with a pretty fun dungeon crawl, Imoen will be right behind us but she won't be joining the party. Considering the mods we're running that's probably for the best.

(All these screenshots are from my first run through these dungeons, as I've said earlier I did it again without Shar-Teel)

We're quite popular. :smuggo:

A good look at the first floor of this tomb.

This guy thinks he's tough because there's a chasm between us, we'll get to him later. :argh:

You run into these people in the strangest of places...

A bit further along we run into some mercenaries and Iron Throne soldiers.

NPCs love to react with overhead blurbs which are a nightmare to screenshot. I don't think I'll be able to showcase all of them.

Opening this coffin causes this fine fellow to appear.

He seems nice. :)

Told you he'd buckle like a belt.

This is the only thing of value he dropped.

The key he gave us can be put into our new keyring.

Imoen wasn't kidding when she said she'd be right behind us, she moves along as we go through the area. A nice touch.

We take the time to catch up with her a bit.

We're up to the second floor of this place.

Skeletons and ghosts, what else would you expect in a tomb?

There's an alcove nearby full of books, we find this pamphlet there.


The lava in this area actually moves. Say what you want about Siege of Dragonspear but it looks fantastic.

Ah, yes. How could I forget about the zombies?

Jen'lig even elevates Sandrah at times. :allears:

To the north are some beetles and mephits.

They're guarding this staff.

We take the unlit torch, put it in a purple brazier and bring it back, which unlocks a new area.

Not bad.

This would be bad it we weren't overleveled.

Looks like Sarevok spent some time here. This'll be important later.

Further along we find a rope which can take us back to an otherwise inaccessible area on the first floor. It has the cobalt moss we need.

I hope she makes it to Candlekeep alright. :)

Back on the second floor this spirit asks us to bring him back his staff, we need one other component in order to help him.

We've killed enough people as it is. Let them run.

Another pamphlet...

No choice but to stroke Sandrah's ego, of course.

Looks like we're gonna have to fight. :black101:

At least she's smart enough to surrender.

Jen'lig teleports away and leaves us here. I'm going to miss her so much... :smith:

I'm pretty sure almost every NPC has things to say here, a nice touch as to why some of them won't be available later.

Korlasz held a key to her room, there we find...

The missing piece of the staff we needed.

Korlasz's journal.

As well some papers on Bhaal.

And with that we're almost done here.

I have no idea what changed here, as far as I know she gained no new skills or attributes.

We give the spirit his staff back.

Fanegonorom gets his peace and quiet back.

It feels good not to have to kill someone for once. :unsmith:

And just like that we're done here. Next time it's back to Baldur's Gate to see what's been going on since last we visited!