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Baldur's Gate Trilogy - Sandrah Saga

by Vichan

Part 78: Chapter LXXV - Poisoned weapons as far as I can say.

Chapter LXXV - Poisoned weapons as far as I can say.

Finally, some deserved rest. I have no idea why Sandrah's sleeping on the floor.

Imoen wakes us up claiming to hear noises. Might as well follow her.

Imoen, no! :negative:

The Flaming Fist captain arrives too late to help us during the battle.

One of them was carrying this, more assassins?

Sandrah remembers she has to stay ahead of the plot just in time.

Our gear is stored in nearby chests but we have to go to the treasury to get our gold.

With Imoen in good hands we head downstairs.

Oh God, the gibs can talk!

We head downstairs once more.

Entar Silvershield has a (poorly attempted) French accent while Belt sounds like an auto-generated voice for some reason.

Anyway, it seems like we're accompanying the army to hunt down Caelar Argent! :black101:

Before heading out we should talk to everyone.

Our trusted counselor approaches us first, letting us know that she saw this all coming. Could Caelar really be a Bhaalspawn?

Hey, she looks familiar...

Oh, it's Skie! Looks like she has something to hide...

This guy needs some cheering up.

We manage to do just that, getting some information and a quarterstaff to boot!

Allo Allo had better French accents...

Eltan seems to have recovered.

Seems like Imoen is out for this expansion, oh well. :smith:

It can't be overstated how much he sounds like a robot, and apparently it's his regular voice. :gonk:

Looks like we can pick up some companions while we're in the city, let's head to the basement first though. I need my money.

Korlasz tries to break out and claims to have been tortured, leading to her swift death. Not sure why I decided to act like an idiot to the Flaming Fist guy.

Someone claims to be trapped behind a locked door.

He tries to run away but we give him a twack just in case.


He's friendly enough to go back to his cell, locking the door behind him.

Ophyllis manages to misplace our 300.000 or so gold pieces. He'd better get them back! :argh:

Nothing left to do but head out, I guess.

I originally wanted to cover the entirety of Baldur's Gate in one chapter but it'd just be too large. This seems like a good place to end things for now.