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Part 79: Chapter LXXVI - We will keep all these sweet moments we had with her in our common memory.

Chapter LXXVI - We will keep all these sweet moments we had with her in our common memory.

This PID with Sandrah happened back in Korlasz's tomb, I put it here just so we could have some Sandrah content.

That's right, no Sandrah content this chapter. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Baldur's Gate has become a pretty crowded place. Refugees are trying to enter the Ducal Palace but the guards push them back.

(Small aside, I remember reading in an interview that when trying to update Baldur's Gate for Siege of Dragonspear they found out that the paving stones were actually repurposed skull textures, this is why Baldur's Gate has fancy new streets)

Ophyllis managed to misplace our money. Again. :argh:

To Sorcerous Sundries it is, then!

Our world map for this chapter.

We almost get robbed as soon as we enter the area, it didn't end well for her.

Well, that was easy.

Let's see if we can't do some good here.

Corwin's such a worry-wart.

Fetching potion bottles now? Very well...

Talk about shitty timing, we deal with them and go back downstairs.

Another good deed done. :)

Hey, look who it is!

Seems like he won't be joining us. Too bad.

I guess we can put in a good word for him.

Far out, man!

Putting them on lets us see various creatures that we can pull through to this world. Normally you only get three uses but I'm determined to show them all to you.

This guy isn't friendly, killing him nets us some experience. Big whoop.

Time to head upstairs.

Is that...?

Quite the dynamic duo.

Coran leaves us, not even mentioning his relationships with Sandrah and Vichan. And to think I was thinking of bearing his child. :negative:

At least Safana's willing to join us. :toot:

She has a new voiceset, I had to look it up but she's voiced by someone else this time around. I didn't notice.

We ask Garrick to regale us with a tale and head out.

Maybe Tiax has forgiven us for leaving him in the lurch like that?

A rogue stone's worth 2500 GP, not bad for such a small encounter. (I'm pretty sure the gem you get is random, guess I got lucky)

The doors fly open and this guy gets thrown out, screenshots don't do it justice.

Interesting, too bad he passes out before getting to the good stuff.

Anyway, time to head in.

I failed to screenshot this but every cell is occupied with someone. Looks like the Flaming Fist has been quite busy dealing with the refugees.

Every small bit helps.

If Tiax had any marbles left to begin with he's surely lost them now, he won't be coming with us.

Next up is the Three Kegs.

Did you know that Corwin reacts to the party members you pick up if you talk to her at the entrance? I didn't, instead I'm focussing on these piddling encounters.

Drake! :swoon:

We take him with us, which would prove to be a mistake later on.

We make sure to get the crier his refreshment before heading upstairs.

These assholes managed to spend all my money, great. At least my vast fortune went to the people that needed it the most. :gbsmith:

On the top floor we stumble into a conspiracy against the Council of Four. Let's play along and see where it takes us.

Minsc! :3:

Dynaheir! :swoon:

Both have new voicesets by their original voice actors. They do a decent job. Not that you'd expect anything less from Jim Cummings and Jennifer Hale.

I'll happily recommend Drake to anyone. He's great.


He initially lets us go but attacks us because we take too long. Almost any other dialogue option would have resulted in him leaving Delenda to fend for herself. :doh:

One of the inn's enforcers teleports in but we manage to talk our way out of any trouble. It pays having friends in high places!

While you were busy reading this LP Bartleby studied the blade... :smuggo:

Informing on the plot is our only way forward, how disappointing. :smith:


With that threat to the city dealt with it's time to move on.

On our way out we tell Robel that we got him his drink.

The final area on our list is the Iron Throne building.

That doesn't look good.

Corruption? In the Fist!? :argh:

Not on our watch!

Seems like it's an infirmary now.

Rasaad also can't join us. Bummer.

This is the last place where I would've expected a werewolf to appear. (I kind of messed up trying to get the screenshot size to a manageable level, my apologies)

Still not joining us? Oh well.

We also run into Sirene here, we don't press her since she doesn't have any Sandrah content.

We do our part to help the refugees...

...And tell Teera that we dealt with the moneylender.

Our business in the city is done. Time to head back to our room and sle-

...Who's that next to Imoen? :downs: