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Part 80: Chapter LXXVII - Congratulations, dumb fools!! Round one clearly goes to you.

Chapter LXXVII - Congratulations, dumb fools!! Round one clearly goes to you.

When last I left you guys we found a robed man in our room.

Hey, this guy is voiced by David Warner as well! :downs:

He leaves us before we can ask him anything else.

Kind of disappointed that we can barely ask Imoen about him. Oh well, guess I'd better get some rest.

Nggh, is this another nightmare?

Don't you just hate it when a mosquito gets in your room at night? We swat her away and get some more shuteye. When we wake up...

They couldn't wait to fire these banters off, could they?

We go downstairs to meet with the council.

One more thing...

Sounds like a lot of responsibility. Oh well.

When we head outside a crowd greets us and the soldiers are getting ready to leave.


Hey, she seems familiar...

Oh hey, it's Viconia! We kick Drake out to make room for her.

Beamdog made a SoD portrait for her.

It doesn't take long for her to take offense to us.


What an ass.

His friend seems way nicer. :)

More responsibility. Geez.

A pity, we could've used a replacement for Ajantis.

Time to leave!

Our glorious march out of the city is almost ruined but I think I've managed to turn it around.

What I love about Siege of Dragonspear is how there's a lot of movement and sense of scale. There's no end to the people marching to the right there.


When we finally arrive we're at a small army camp.

They really love to talk...

Hey, I can take care of myself! :saddowns:

We might as well explore the camp and the people within it.

This guy has quite the assortment of goods, too bad we're almost broke...

We run into Rayphus again but he doesn't stay long.

We exchange Viconia for Corwin. She's the only SoD character with Sandrah banters.

I was extremely puzzled at this banter until I remembered that Elminster gave Sandrah a shield when we first came to Baldur's Gate. But we couldn't possibly have had Corwin in our party for that so why write this to begin with?

Finally, some sense.

Ouch, Safana has had it rough lately...


We might invite him into our party later on, no promises.

We can sleep if we want to.

Drake and Sirene are hanging around here.

Believe it or not this cleric is the most maligned character of SoD. All that Gamergate controversy? It was mostly about her.

Not the most exciting character but she might be relevant later.

This loon is singing to a Menhir. might as well humor her.

Only one person left to ta-

Jesus fucking Christ, again!? He teleports us east for some reason.

Such a brilliant to make one of the most terrifying Gods of the setting into a saturday morning cartoon villain. He teleports away leaving us with some priests that are easily dispatched with the help of summons.

Shael doesn't seem to trust me. I guess I can understand that.

Anyway, time to head back to camp.

Hey, look who it is!

He seems to have some history with Caelar, of course he can join!

...Guess not. At least not yet anyway.

Poor Safana is so confused.

This is the last person we had to talk to. Let's go for the western area first.

We walk into one of the Menhirs, we do the same thing to each and every one of them so I'll only list when we come across them.

Like this.

There's some statues in the northwest, creepy.

We can use the spectacles here for another encounter. There might be an alternate way to solve this later so I'm just going to reload. We only get 3 uses after all.

North-west of the camp is a burnt-out inn.

I guess we can help the innkeeper out.

Two of the items are in the inn itself.

Disappearances, huh? Sounds interesting.

The clearing? Why does she discuss the missing people surrounded by life-like statues? :downs:

Safana's playing hard to get. :argh:

Oh no, who could've seen this coming!? Luckily she's easy to beat.


We use the stone to flesh scrolls on Teleria's corpse to rescue the people.

Minsc and Dynaheir can stay at camp for now.

Edwin and Viconia can take their place!

Everyone's a critic...

Going back north we run into another menhir.

Sheesh, Shael. She's never going to fit in if you keep behaving like that.


Oh, it's Baeloth! He seems to have fallen on hard times.

We remember him of course but are too proud to say so. What's this about a goblin?

M'Khiin. :tipshat:

Baeloth could've joined us in Larswood back in BG1 but I forgot to pick him up. He doesn't have Sandrah content and is a secret character anyway so he can stay at camp.

M'Khiin seems interesting though.

I've always wanted a goblin NPC! :) Poor Edwin will have to go back to camp.

This area is thick with content, next time we'll continue to work through it!