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Part 81: Chapter LXXVIII - You have this worried look after a sleep, Vichan, your healer knows it to well.

Chapter LXXVIII - You have this worried look after a sleep, Vichan, your healer knows it to well.

We free a dog from the Black Pits, in gratitude he shows us the way to some hidden treasure. :)

On our way back to camp we stumble on some goblin corpses.

We only have to whack one of the goblins a couple of times before they buckle.

M'Khiin banishes them back to wherever the hell they came from.

Corwin's got a point, before we do though...


Building bridges one banter at a time.

(We sent Edwin away before but he bugged out in camp afterwards, I reloaded and booted Safana out of the party instead of him when recruiting M'Khiin)

Healing Corwin led to this banter.

This Vichand sounds like a fine fellow. :smuggo:

We let Herod know we've taken care of Teleria.

Exploring the east side we find another Menhir.

We help a dwarf take care of some undead.

Let's save the dungeondelving for now and continue exploring the map.

We find another Menhir.

We only have to sing to the initial one now.

Prin flees before The Beast adds another victim to her list.

Anyway, now might be a good time to finally go down the road northeast.

Some of them flee as soon as they see us.

It doesn't end well for them. The bridge is destroyed as well.

Edwin's fired up.

Shael's confused.

And just like that the battle is on with the remnants of Caelar's soldiers. We only manage to kill one of them because...

Oh boy...

Relax, I can do this.

That went as well as we could have hoped, I guess.

The remaining crusaders flee after a short chat.

We can move on to the next chapter now, but we're not done with this area by a long shot.

I can finally show you guys what it looks like.

The crusader we killed had this on him. Too bad he never got to see it. :smith:

Anyway, we go back to the dwarf we saved and enter the nearby mines.

Looks like his friends are still alive!

Looks like we're not done with this area quite yet. Time to find the corpse of their friend.

I really like SoD's dungeons.

A friendly giant? We have to help him!

We follow the giant back to his friends.

All's well that ends well. Time to rest.

Another nightmare.

After a fade of black we head for the streets of Baldur's Gate.

We wake up after this.

The plural of Bhaalspawn is Bhaalspawn, Sandrah.

A M'Khiin - Sandrah banter? The guide lied to me! We're going to have to give all SoD companions a shot now.

I could listen to these two talk all day. :allears:

Maybe Sandrah Saga has set the bar too low but I'm really enjoying these exchanges.

Crommus' hidden items are in this area as well.

Sandrah knows how to spot an Aasimar. Probably the glowing eyes or something, I don't know.

The next area is the place the dwarves tunneled into.

Oooh, a library.

This tome holds the clue to a puzzle. If only we got more hints...

More books. Seems someone was obsessed with liches.

We find three of these scepters while going through this area.

To the north is a laboratory, we find more lich items, a key and a liquid.

They key opens a chest in the previous area.

Looks like Gurn Coldhearth isn't the trustworthy soul we were led to believe...

Time to go back and deal with this monster.

We can use the liquid as well as the scepters to use the scrying pool. In no particular order:

David Warner is REALLY hamming it up here, it's glorious.

I'm dreading the moment when Sandrah-Imoen shows up again. Let's enjoy this while it lasts.

Caelar knows how to give an inspiring speech.

Even Haiass and Pelligram have left our cause.

Anyway, that's it for the scrying pool.

The laboratory has this throne laying about.

I'm...sure that did something.

There's a portal that spawns various fire-themed monsters in the south. Important for later.

For some reason Gamergaters didn't complain about their likenesses being used for monsters. :imunfunny: :rimshot:

My counsellor guides me through this extremely hard puzzle. This unlocks a door leading to the last part of this area.


The larger lich teleports away.

With the help of The Secret Revealed the lich falls in seconds. Shortest lich ever, in more ways than one.

His body holds a key leading to a secret area. In there we find his phylactery.

See? I told you this area would be important!

And that takes care of this area. Nothing left to do but go back to camp.

Wait, a what!?

...That doesn't look like me at all. I feel robbed... :(

There's some more adjacent areas to explore but we'll save those for next time.