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Part 82: Chapter LXXIX - Just like the mighty bhaalspawn from Baldur's Gate is not alone, this is true for the Shining Lady as well.

Chapter LXXIX - Just like the mighty bhaalspawn from Baldur's Gate is not alone, this is true for the Shining Lady as well.

Since Sandrah had a banter with M'Khiin I guess we have to give Glint a shot now as well.

M'Khiin can stay at camp for awhile.

Not my favorite character to be honest.

The new area on the right takes us to the next chapter, but let's explore the other area first.

(Yes, we can revisit old areas, something vanilla SoD doesn't allow)

Oh, great...

Wait, Sandrah thinks she's a what!?

...Okay. Why?

Not. A. Fan.

We run into some vampire hunters. Guess we'll have to wait 'til nightfall.

Looks like our prey is coming to us.

It only takes a few thwacks for him to turn into gas and float away. Vampires. :argh:

The vampiric dogs he summoned were more of a hassle to deal with, to be honest.

Tsolak's coffin turned out to be in a nearby cave. Easy peasy.

Some pretty sweet loot as well, those boots will be useful later on.

Great, that takes care of all the items that the innkeeper needed! Let's explore the rest of the area first.

In the south are some ill-fated adventurers.

Yeah, looks like that didn't work out...

Our counsellor is so insightful, isn't she? :allears:

We also find this cool dagger.

Moving on to the southwest.


We could've run into Aura in Beregost but I didn't get around to it, in no small part due to her not having Sandrah content. If I only knew she was in SoD as well... :negative:

Oh, look who's decided to join us. Run along to camp now.

A map of the area.

Forgot to do this last time around, might as well do it now.

We give the innkeeper his items back.

The dart is actually pretty cool. Edwin's going to love it.

Anyway, time to head to the next area which leads to...

...The next chapter.

My counsellor's so much better than her counsellor. :smuggo:

Duncan warns us about the area.

Aura gives us some nifty arrows.

Skie is being a pain.

Mizhena is looking for her amulet.

And our dark heritage seems to be raising some eyebrows.

Now that that's over with it's time to explore the area. After we've had some rest, that is.

Not again... :negative:


These 'irregulars' need to be looked into.

Before doing so we replace Viconia with M'Khiin.

...I think I'm in love... :allears:

You want a fight? You've got one.

After our inevitable victory we gain some information.

(Rend died seconds after this due to poison, I felt so guilty I had to reload and do it again. :ohdear:)

I hope we've made the right decision. :ohdear:

Must. Resist. Urge. To. Strangle.

This felt really, really satisfying.

This area's full of trolls, as Duncan warned. No sign of a cave yet.

Wild boar! Are they a Beamdog addition?

Good riddance. That's what you get for not having Sandrah content.

Safana replaces him.

While exploring the north end...

Hey, look who it is! :3:

Since Jaheira's voice actress dropped off the face of the planet she doesn't have a new voiceset or anything. Bummer. Voghiln is voiced by Mark Meer of Mass Effect fame.

M'Khiin gets sent back to camp, Edwin prefers to stay right where we left him.

I like Voghiln. :) He'd have been great as a BG1 addition, since he's a walking stereotype he would've fit in well with the other NPCs.


Jaheira and Corwin seem to be getting along. :)

We've all but explored this area. Only the cave is left.

As expected the cave is full of trolls.


Behind a secret wall is a spectral troll that's remarkably tough.

We use our tinderbox to light up the area...

...netting us some loot, this locket being the most notable.

And that's pretty much it for this area, before we leave I ran into something that I never expected to see...

Sandrah actually participated in a vanilla conversation and I did not hate it. :vince: From what she's saying I'm assuming the beast has already fed on poor Voghiln.

On that high note we end this chapter.