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Part 83: Chapter LXXX - HeeheeheehahaHAHAHAHAAAaaa...

Chapter LXXX - HeeheeheehahaHAHAHAHAAAaaa...

We skirt by Boareskyr Bridge for now and go for the other area first.

We're waylaid by goblins who are next to a hole in the ground.

The hole is filled with Myconids.

We find a scroll mentioning an 'exile' and a pretty cool sword. That's all for this area.

Shit-talking nature is sure to make Jaheira angry.

For a guy with 14 intelligence and 10 wisdom Voghiln sure is dim.

I actually went back to camp to sell some stuff, when I tried to go to our destination.

Waylaid again!? I don't care what Jaheira says, this dragon needs our help! :black101:

That's quite a big gesture from a dragon.

This stone is actually useful! We give it to Jaheira to remind her how wrong she was. :smuggo:

We finally arrive at the forest of Wyrms.

Going east we find some sweet gauntlets on a corpse.

That must be the spider cave.



Shut up, Corwin.

M'Khiin is sure to love this.

These things might be useful somewhere along the line.

They're becoming fast friends.

Well, that just happened.

The big beetle actually makes a bee-line for the person carrying the spider egg, a nice touch. All in all a pretty easy fight.

Anyway, I get the feeling we're not supposed to be here yet. Back to camp.

While deciding which people to invite to the party these conversations happened. I eventually went with Edwin and Viconia.

Let's go to Boareskyr Bridge now.

Welp, looks like it's back to the forest of Wyrms anyway. :shrug:

Let's explore the rest of this area first, though.

SoD has lots of big battles with weak enemies, I love it. :allears:

Sandrah enlightens us on the history of 'Drangonspear' Castle.

Goblins! Wargs! Goblins riding wargs!

The rope bridge to Bridgefort is destroyed and we still need a wardstone. We'll come back here later.

A nearby cave leads to a big battle with goblins, very easy but very satisfying. M'Khiin will appreciate the loot.

Jesus Christ, Corwin. Calm down.

We continue our trek through the forest of Wyrms and find some Bugbears.

We've explored the entire outside area now, the northern cave is the only other noteworthy thing here. Let's explore!


(No, I have no idea how Drake could interject here, he's supposed to be back at camp)

We kill it, of course. Getting some scales and a nice, warm cloak in the process.

A small area, but it goes deeper.

Edwin gives and gets no respect whatsoever.

Going to the next area we finish off some bugbears. We can use the spectacles here as well!

This one is actually helpful!

Fat chance.

Maybe we can go for a swim later. :3:

Never let it be said that I'm not merciful. :colbert: Looks like we're going the right way.

Mondays, right? :imunfunny:

Thanks for the insight, counselor. :hai:

The area we've just been through, one more area left to go!

The kind of place that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Good thing we were planning on exploring the place anyway.

You can really tell Beamdog's writing from Sandrah Saga's, can't you?

That reminds me...

Guess the mystery's still not solved.

The door to the inner sanctum is locked.

The side rooms are filled with cultists. They're not hostile yet.

This one is kicking the shit out of a bookcase for some reason.

This parchment's laying around, Madele really has lost her marbles...

Definitely one of the cruelest things we've done so far.

I get appropriately punished for it by dying within seconds. Her breath attack is no joke.

She's no match for Mystra's army though.

Neither are the other cultists who've turned hostile now. (Except for the bookcase-basher for some reason)

Lots of cool swords to find in SoD.

We also find some keys.

As well as some journals.

This area's really pretty. You can fault Beamdog for a lot of stuff but they really put a lot of love into this.

I just hope this doesn't backfire on us. :ohdear:

We also free the crusaders. We'll follow them out after we've completely explored this area.

The door that was previously locked is open to us now, let's see what's behind it.


It's a Neothelid. It's a good thing we're overleveled or this thing could've been a problem.


Nothing to do but put her out of her misery.

There we go.

We can interact with the six holes here. We got a hint on how to deal with this back in Korlasz's tomb. We interact with the top right, top left and bottom left shelf in that order.

This leads to a secret area with a ghostly apparition and a trapped chest.

Could it be...?

We finally run into the mindflayer and his thralls. The resulting fight wasn't hard as much as it was annoying. It took a few tries before I managed to get through it, mind flayers always catch me off guard the first time I run into them.

Planescape:Torment fans will appreciate this nod.

I get the feeling that we've prevented a horrible thing from occuring.

And that's pretty much it for this area, nothing left but le-

Wait, who's that?

You have got to be kidding me...

What a useless conversation.

This might be a good place to end things for now, next time we'll explore the Crusader Camp at Boareskyr Bridge as well as the besieged Bridgefort!