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Part 84: Chapter LXXXI - After all, it is just another bridge we cross.

Chapter LXXXI - After all, it is just another bridge we cross.

As we make our way back we finally find out why this place is called the Forest of Wyrms. :imunfunny:

Anyway, after going back to camp to exchange Viconia for Glint...

...We're finally allowed to go in!

They suspect nothing.

What a fine, handsome young fellow. :swoon:

The way to the bridge is blocked.

Great, another zealot.

Edwin's not impressed.

Not the talkative sort.

Every other dialogue option leads to a fight with the entire camp. Let's not do that.

There's a holding area to the south, some trolls and...

We send him back to camp, the crusaders don't seem to mind.

That's it for the crusader camp, Bridgefort is next!

Khalid! What a sight for sore eyes! :unsmith:


Khalid won't be joining us just yet.

We meet Neera here, she seems to be dealing with some issues. We send her to camp after this conversation.

Maybe Jan Jansen has spoiled me but I hate quirky gnomes.

We'll have to mull this one over.

Let's do some smithing while we're at it!

And some personal information for completion's sake.

In a side room a mage is doing magicky stuff.

Shortly after this the screen shakes and fades to black.

Ugh, what happened?

The stone level drains us, great...

It's the least we can do, why does that one corpse have no ring?

We're just being polite, this place is a dump.

The altar behind her has space for three bodies, convenient.

This is the part of the job I hate. :negative:

That's all for the inside.

There's an outside area as well.

Never meet your heroes, I guess.

Poor guy...

At least we've managed to calm him down somewhat.


A missing necklace? Fishy...

That's right, we're not allowed to call her out further. Oh well..

Oh no, who could've seen this coming!? :saddowns:

Junia has something to answer for! :argh:

The reason why she's not in the screenshot is because she died too fast. :smuggo:

And with that good deed done we have to go back to the Crusader Camp.

That was remarkably easy. This Vichand guy is great!

We head back to camp to replace Glint with M'Khiin.

I like useful Edwin.

Wynan goes back to his maging.

We get some sweet leathers for M'Khiin as a reward.

After a rough start they're starting to get along.

Khalid joins us here, taking M'Khiin's place. Time to try some diplomacy.

I'm doing a shitty job of showing it but the drawbridge is fully animated. Sweet.

The Barghest is alright, I'm glad we didn't have to kill him.

This is what would have happened if Khalid had negotiated.

Looks like we're not done just yet.

The crusaders flee, leaving us with a portal that spawns fire monsters. It dissipates after a while.

We can finally cross the bridge now. What can go wrong?

Oh, brother...

That's not good...

That's a lot to process...

...Good thing our counselor is here to help us out.

That's got to be it, right?


I have no words for this except to say that I'm ending it here for now. There's only so much of this I can take. :suicide: