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Part 86: Chapter LXXXIII - It hurts just a bit, but I know it will soon be good when my Sandrah starts her healing on me.

Chapter LXXXIII - It hurts just a bit, but I know it will soon be good when my Sandrah starts her healing on me.

First up is Dead Man's Pass! I decided to take Edwin and Voghiln with me to replace Glint and M'Khiin.

Don't think I've shown these Displacer Beasts before, they're quite a hassle.

...What's this?

A wholesome reference, that's what! :unsmith:

You'd think there'd be something to find here but no luck.


Buzz off, I'm fighting beetles here!

That swanky-looking fellow to the right there is an Orog Priest.

Moving some planks reveals a hole in the ground, before we can explore someone is approaching us.

Well, that was certainly unexpected. I wonder if we'll run into him again?

Normally I wouldn't bother with Sandrah Saga's journal entries but this one is more informative than the actual event, go figure. :rolleyes:

The cellar isn't really noteworthy aside from the necklace.

Outside of the cellar are two 'things' we can summon with the spectacles. If you summon one the other seems to leave.

We're not going with this one because...

This one is much better. :)

Great, we can make Helvdar some boots now. Let's save that for later.

To the north are some Shambling Mounds with some worthwhile loot for M'Khiin.

They just sell some gems, big whoop.

All that's left to explore is this small cave.

It sounds like an excuse but Edwin sounds like just the kind of person to be interested in phrenology.

Nothing in the cave except for a battle with a mimic masquerading as a chest and this bow. Time to head to Dragonspear Castle to look for Skie.

We are waylaid on our way there, looks like we're in a Dead Magic Zone.


The guy in charge backstabs us a couple of times before leaving. His flunkies don't stand a chance.

Good idea, let's skirt the perimeter.

Fighting so close to the castle doesn't seem like a good idea, good thing we managed to diffuse it.

It takes all of my strength not to tell her to shove it. Don't want to anger her father.

Looks like we can't just bluff our way past the guards. Let's head back to camp for now.

And a 'fuck you' to you too, Bence. :argh:

Don't mention it. I'm just glad it's over and done with.

We could use a day's rest.

Helvdar's going to love this.

Told you.

Belegarm also sells a potion that we can give to Neera.

Anyway, we swap Edwin for M'khiinand make our way towards...

Not much to tell about this grove but let's get it out of the way anyway.

Another ingredient for Neera, great.

Sheesh, rude.

A corpse, a book and a cellar.


Really creepy.

At least the loot's good.

More shambling mounds, more loot.

This encounter wouldn't feel out of place in BG1, I love it. :allears:

We can use this bark to heal the soldiers back at camp. There's normally more to this area but Sandrah allows us to skip most of it with her wisdom.

Glint should definitely use this as much as possible.

That takes care of Neera's list of items.

Anyway, there's one more area on our list.

We receive a warm welcome almost immediately. (I'm not sure what M'Khiin does here, the camera pans to her so we don't get to see the result)

Big mistake. They're no match for us.

Anytime, M'Khiin. :)

That's just sad. There's some ruins to the east but there's not much to find there.

After a while this guy shows up, his sac might come in handy.

Gross. Let's follow the trail of blood.

After a battle with some displacer beasts we find Mizhena's amulet.


You know what time it is.

:pcgaming: OGRE BATTLE! :pcgaming:

Hard as it is to suppress my urge to rule a band of ogres we have better things to do.

Ew, Voghiln... :(

Sandrah's dispel comes in handy here.

I'm always up for druid shenanigans!

We'll be heading underground soon.

I take this time to head back to camp to exchange Glint and M'Khiin with Minsc and Jaheira.

They're not amused to see I've returned.

Luckily the local fauna turns the tide.

This'll definitely come in handy. We might even be able to go through the front door with this.

:barf: :suicide: :barf:

This will never cease to be creepy. What the hell, Roxanne?

Lots of archers, I actually had trouble with this encounter. I guess I could've just summoned Mystra's Army but I couldn't be bothered this time around.

Am I seeing double?


This is not as wholesome, we'll need to find a way to change their minds.

To the north is a cave leading downwards, we'll save that for next time. Before doing that I'll head back to camp to exchange Safana for Viconia. I also want to show something else.

No, not this.

Remember when I told you guys Mizhena was controversial with the Gamergate crowd? This is why. When the game released you could ask her about this from the get-go, Beamdog eventually added this quest as a way to make it less awkward since it seems weird to ask her this stuff seconds after you meet her.

At release the game also featured this line from Minsc but Beamdog took it out, cowards! :argh:

Anyway, with that useless bit of trivia I'll leave you guys for now. Next time we'll do some spelunking and see if we can finish the area in one fell swoop!