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Part 87: Chapter LXXXIV - You have given me a lot of hope with your knowledge.

Chapter LXXXIV - You have given me a lot of hope with your knowledge.

Again Sandrah takes offense at us choosing the only dialogue option available to us. Masterful storytelling.

Anyway, we were on the verge of entering the Underground River but I completely forgot that we could use the seal we've acquired last time to explore the Crusader Camp at Dragonspear Castle. Aside from the usual suspects we'll take M'Khiin, Edwin and Glint with us.

The screenshots don't do it justice but there's a lot of movement at this camp as well as the Coalition camp we've already visited. Soldiers running around, training with sword and bow etc.

What's going on here?

Poor M'Khiin. :smith:

Talk of treachery, huh? We might be able to use this to our advantage.

I think I've heard enough.

A Caelar loyalist lies dead while the 'traitor' gets off scot-free. All in all a job well done. :getin:

This is one of the items Waizahb asked for.


The standard is also one of Waizahb's requested items, I wonder what the fragment's for? I found both of them in rubble piles.

Sweet, both of these will come in handy.

Uh-oh, looks like Rohma's father's here.

I'm pretty sure you can kill him without consequences but I can't do that to Rohma. :ohdear:

A gate bars us from Dragonspear Castle proper.

We pickpocket this locket from one of the recruits. Another one of Waizahb's items.

Just one item left to go now.

Another quest over and done with.

Why not? Let's see what makes these crusaders tick.

I really like this quest as well as the coalition's variant.

There's a weak area in the wall next to Sindret.

They fail to tame the troll and lose a crusader in the process. Great success.

That takes care of all the items on Waizahb's list. We had to use stealth here or the whole camp would've been after us.

This is a good excuse to head back to the Coalition Camp.

Normally I'd show the entire conversation but this one was really monotonous, you get the picture.

There, now we can finish up at the other camp.


I'm really surprised Sandrah didn't speak up here. Talk about a missed opportunity.

And that's pretty much it for the Crusader Camp. Originally I wanted to cover this area as well as the next one in one chapter but I've decided to split them in two. We are going to do some spelunking next time though, promise.