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Part 88: Chapter LXXXV - Wow, what a day!

Chapter LXXXV - Wow, what a day!

Before heading onward we swap Edwin for Viconia.

This is the area we'll be spending our time, isn't it beautiful? :allears:

The Crusaders in this area aren't hostile unless you provoke them.

Let's move those bags of grain first.

We have to take them from the crate near Vichan to the crate near Glint. There's a shitload of sacks to move.

And we have to move them right back afterwards.

Truly an epic quest that was worth including in this LP.

Let's see what's behind this door.

Oooh, story time!

This one's no fun at all, I agree. Time to reload.

Much better. :) (You'll notice I gave the sardine to the cat in the previous chapter, everything up to this point I did before the previous chapter because I completely forgot about the Crusader camp)

We can use the spectacles here and manage to avoid a fight.

You might remember these guys from the Black Pits, they still sell potions.

The Crusade patrols this area, got to keep a low profile.

The mysterious Hooded Man approaches us on the other bank of the river. Face us, coward! :argh:

A hidden cave is home to some blind albino wyrms. Creepy. (Apparently the gem is used for Rasaad's quest but I don't know if I'll bother including him for the SoD portion)

There's another cave nearby with some shadows.

There's also some ghosts here, let's see if we can help them out.

There's five remains in total, we can't take the Ettin's remains with us.

Oooh, another door! I wonder what lies beyond it?


Viconia doesn't run into acquaintances often, perhaps that's for the best.

Further along the river we find a mage doing magicky stuff to some water elementals.

Aside from Strunk and his elementals we also had to deal with a Crusader patrol. We avoid hitting the elementals, though...

...Because doing so nets us an Ioun Stone.

The club is on the Ettin's corpse that we couldn't interact with before.

We give this one to Glint, people don't like him anyway so I doubt that a point in Charisma is going to make a difference.

We finally find the place where we can put the barrel of Bwoosh!

That's it for the northern shore, at least for now.

Naturally we follow him as he walks away.

Moving towards the tree goads him into attacking us.

His loss.

(I wanted to give the aquamarine gem to Khalid but both him and Jaheira are bugged out at camp and can't join our party. I'm starting to think that they're cursed. :negative: )

We can give the other druids the good news though! :)

It really is a marvelous area to explore.

I suppose we can help them out. They might be enemies but it just doesn't feel right to let them suffer.

Ferrusk's corpse has the curative we need.

Yes, that's right. One of the crusaders turned into a slime before he could be healed. Oh well.

This ghostly dragon guards the door to Kanaglym.

If you walk past him it turns out that she's all bark and no bite. We open the doors to Kanaglym and move in.

This area is absolutely stunning.

Due to M'Khiin's choice she can't wear the armor. The axe is fair game! :black101:

Going to the center of this area triggers a fight with a mysterious cabal. Killing the guy in charge causes the dragon to flip to our side. The fight is trivial after that point.

It's been awhile since Sandrah acquired a skill for no reason whatsoever.

We chuck the ghost's earthly remains into the chasm.

The guide states:


Provided that you
- solved the riddle of this area and
- you agreed to help the lost souls in the cave (BD5110) and
- bring their bodies to rest in the Fugue Plane and
- you talked to Alyth in the Elfsong Tavern before
then you find the story of the elfsong ghost here.

Quite involved for such a paltry pay-off.

Using the spectacles here allows us to fight a lich for some pretty decent loot.

These notes are in a nearby chest and will become relevant in a moment.

We also get an additional reward for killing the lich as we're about to leave this area.

It's time to head back to camp so we can put Minsc and Jaheira in our party.


I wanted to see if we could conclude Neera's quest but I ultimately decided not to bother. These banters were the result of my wasted effort.

We exchange Neera for Viconia.

I love it when these things end well. :)

It could've gone much, much worse. :ohdear: Even the horse gets it in this scenario. We're obviously not going with this.

Minsc and Jaheira get the boot and are exchanged with Glint and Safana.

We found the runaway Drow, they're being attacked by an ankheg!

Let's hope this works...


We exchange Viconia for Voghiln as we plan to delve deeper.

Nothing like a bit of bonding with the local soldiery.

The way is clear. Next time we'll infiltrate Dragonspear castle!