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Part 90: Chapter LXXXVII - My besta friend imoen - there are still friends you can always count on.

Chapter LXXXVII - My besta friend imoen - there are still friends you can always count on.

Time to confront Caelar. :colbert:

This screenshot is from the 'Crusade' playthrough, it's not all that different to be honest.

Oh no, how could we have seen this coming!?

Seems like we'll have to invade the Hells anyway! :black101:

I'd say this is a new experience but this isn't the first time we've traversed the Hells.

We manage to rescue some of the Crusaders.

She's right, we have to be careful when we use the spectacles.

The map for this area.

Could've fooled me.

Our next area is a bridge.

Caelar seems to be falling apart at the seams.

Before we go further we have to deal with these guys.

Oh dear, this seems like quite the dilemma. :ohdear:

He drives a hard bargain but I'm glad we've managed to come to an agreement.

Well, that was easy.

No hard feelings from Voghiln either. The door is open to us now, we might as well go through it.


The spectacles come in handy one last time. There's nothing to this area except an elevator.

We let it takes us upwards, we have to fight off some monsters while we're here but it's no big deal.

The crusaders put up a valiant fight.

They all die though, save for Caelar.

Belhifet was behind all this, huh?

With Caelar's help we should have no problem taking Hephernaan down.

Mystra's Army can take care of Belhifet.

He's no match for them. Hephernaan chunked so quickly I forgot to screenshot it.

So this was all Caelar's fault to begin with, figures.

We leave through the portal, leaving Caelar in Avernus.

Whew, that went easier than expected.

The siege seems to be officially over, yay!

I have no idea why Breagar showed up here.

Shut up, Khalid. You'd have been dead if it wasn't for me.

I wonder what this guy's deal was at the end of the day.

Anyway, time to celebrate!

Talk about a hangover, what's that commotion outside?

Another one of those dreams?

...Well, this is awkward...

But I didn't do anything! WHERE IS MY COUNSELLOR!? :cry:

She's more obsessed with outrunning the plot than actually helping out. :negative:


From one bad situation into another...

You can actually pick multiple things here but he always responds the same, after four options it moves on.

I'd recognize that borderline offensive accent anywhere!

This is not going well.

We should've never retrieved the Soultaker from Durlag's Tower...

Just look where it got us. At least Haiass is with me.

Screw you, Corwin. I'm not confessing to anything. :colbert:

Screw you too, mysterious hooded man. :argh:

Ah, now's our chance!

We'll run into Clara again in BG2.

A familiar face approaches us.

I'm dreading into her besta friend again...

We retrieve my equipment from the tables and follow him down to the basement.

Just what we needed to wrap things up, a sewer level.

We can use the key to access some minor loot, completely useless since we're almost done anyway.

Besides carrion crawlers and slimes there's also Flaming Fist mercenaries running around, we don't get a reputation hit for killing them. :black101:

Ah, there's the waterfall. How do we get down though? We might need to go back.

Oh shit, we'd better jump!

Oof. Looks like we're in the clear.

The alcove to the north is the place where we can use the key. None of the loot is noteworthy.

The area we've just traversed.

There's a sight for sore eyes!

That's okay, Imoen. It's nice to see you again. :unsmith:


You can really tell the difference. Sandrah spoils upcoming events as a cherry on the cake.

We automatically move to the next area.

Why are they all so salty? Is this the bad ending? :ohdear:

At least the gang's together again. :)

Uhh, Sandrah. Why did you just respawn with a different outfit? Are you okay?

I have no idea why she's referring to herself in the third person.

Never mind that, it seems like we've been ambushed! Everyone in formati-

Sandrah! Where are you going!? COWARD! :argh:

We try to put up a fight but one by one we are incapacitated.

And with that our time with Siege of Dragonspear is at an end, thank God for that.

Up next is Baldur's Gate II which might need some planning beforehand. I once again want to thank everyone for sticking around. :) I've been informed that this is the first SoD LP on Something Awful. Had I known that I might've put more effort into describing the encounters but oh well, this is a Sandrah Saga LP after all.

If you've enjoyed a relatively silent Sandrah I've got some bad news for you, we're not even half-way through this shit sandwich and we'll be seeing plenty of her in BG2 and beyond.