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by Vichan

Part 93: Chapter XC - One more word of insult to Mystra and the damage you receive will be more than YOUR skills will be able to heal, HELMIT!

Chapter XC - One more word of insult to Mystra and the damage you receive will be more than YOUR skills will be able to heal, HELMIT!

We're about to deal another blow to slavery in Athkatla. Lots of banters in the meantime, though.

Oh dear, it seems like there's a story here. I can't believe Sandrah actually has a moment of weakness.

We talk some more about Pelligram.

What is it with Roxanne-kid and adding annoying tics to characters?

Poor Gorion and Khalid, they deserved better. :smith:

I like Dace. :)

What a weird way to end a conversation. This is not how humans talk.

These guys are a reference to Dungeon Crawl Inc., a Baldur's Gate inspired webcomic that ended abruptly in 2009. I'd link to the website but it seems to be defunct. :(

Vichan is quite the fence-sitter.

Chloe tells us a bit about the Yr'kai.

Minsc will be rejoining us as we take down the slavers.

I'm pretty sure Dace leaves permanently if you dismiss her. I decided to reload and leave her on the second floor of Gaelan Bayle's out, leaving before she can initiate the dismissal dialogue. We're not done with her quite yet.

We're treated to one more banter before dropping her off.

We might have to filch that dagger when we pick her up again. 'Til next we meet, Dace! :wave:

Anyway, time to head for the sewers!

Sandrah seems to have inherited Jen'lig's environmental banters.


This is just draining.

Chloe's banters with other people are masterpieces by comparison.

We're not covering the sewers as it's all vanilla content, we do pick up the talking sword Lilarcor and give it to Minsc.

...I've made a huge mistake.

Die, slaver! :black101:

Seems like we're not quite done though, more on that later.

Aerie's romance starts. 15 year old me loved the shit out of it and I've got to admit I still kind of do.

So far Chloe hasn't been that bad, to be honest.

We free the children and give them some money.

...Did I mention that Sandrah does fire damage to trolls? As if she wasn't overpowered enough.


What an idiot, it's not like we walked through the front door.

If you don't like this banter I've got bad news for you, this basically sums up a significant portion of Aerie's romance.

Outside again. Nothing like an evening walk after slaughtering slavers.

Sandrah reveals why she broke down earlier. I won't fault anyone for not getting through that enormous wall of text but it's probably important.

Methinks whoever made Chloe has a bone to pick with Aerie.

Doing good is its own reward. :smuggo:

Putting Minsc by the wayside we invite Anomen to join us as we make our way through the slums looking for content.

This guild war sure seems messy.

We run into Grudin, too late to save him.

Ganelon has a unique sprite that I can't place. They teleport away before I could figure out where it's from.

They don't even attack us, we can just kill them with impunity.

Don't mention it. Stick with the tourist traps next time.

This never gets old. :allears:

This guy actually thinks he has a shot, cute.

Something tells me Anomen is safe from the claws of the Beast.

Anyway, now might be a good time to go back to the Copper Coronet to get some rest.

BG2's dreams still give me chills.

Looks like we're not done with these guys quite yet, to the Docks!

Later, Sandrah. We're in the middle of wacky shenanigans here!

Normally I like to pick non-violent options but killing this guy is too good an opportunity to pass up.

Huh, this banter is voiced but I can't say I've ever seen it before. Interesting.

I'm in the middle of something here, maybe later.

Walking past the temple of Oghma leads to this conversation. A subtle hint as to where she'll go if she ever leaves the party.


Enough silliness, back to business!

Quite the epic confrontation.

You might think this starts a fight, but nope. They teleport away.

Looks like it's time to sail the seas, we fade to black and...

...This isn't a ship.

Flimflammed again! :argh:

Guess we'd better explore this place.

This guy's of no use.

Aside from some minor loot and fights with mummies there's not a lot to talk about here. On to the next area.

A fight with a lich AND a beholder!? Sign me up! :black101:

They turn out to be pretty decent. The tea's delicious as well, I wonder what's in it?


Oh, that's right. We went here for a reason.

A friendly lich is a rare sight, killing him just seems like a waste.

Looks like Anomen isn't as confident as he'd have us believe.

Big mistake, buddy.

The beholder's wares aren't anything special, to be honest. I don't like cheese either. Yuck.

That's it for this area.

The next one isn't noteworthy, the perspective's all fucked though.

The final boss of this area is a cute little bunny-rabbit. We mob it and bash their brains in.

Hey, quit hogging the glory! :argh:

Looks like the rabbit got away, damn.

At least we can finally leave this place.

We're still not done? To the Copper Coronet, then.

Sandrah's attempt to make the Jaheira romance less icky falls flat.

And that's the end of that, hopefully someone other than myself got a kick out of seeing these guys. Not getting my hopes up though.

Next time we'll leave the slums and check out some of the other districts Athkatla's got to offer.