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by Vichan

Part 94: Chapter XCI - There are worse heritages, my snowcap.

Chapter XCI - There are worse heritages, my snowcap.

Another restless night.

Seems like I'm not the only one.

We explore some of Chloe's PIDs, they're pretty short compared to Sandrah's.

Let's head for the gates first.

Eshpurta, huh?

Sandrah has some info on it, we might have to pay the town a visit later on.

We're not going to head to Trademeet yet but we might as well get the ball rolling now.

The Temple district is next.

Sandrah immediately gets a new skill that summons a Cornugon. I don't get it either.

Why anyone would be persuaded by someone who's had his eyes gouged out is beyond me.

A new shopkeeper's here, I highlighted the unique gear he's selling.

I don't recall this person being here in vanilla, I included her just in case she becomes relevant later on.

Meet Saerileth, one of the other infamous mod NPCs.

We let her join, Anomen can go b-


That's got to be some kind of record.

Wait, wh-

Sure, why not? We're heading there soon anyway.

Oh, I almost forgot about Anomen. He can go.

Saerileth was already covered in Shugojin's LP of Baldur's Gate II so we're not going to keep her in the party long, I'm in danger of losing my sanity as it is. Let's see if we can get some Sandrah content out of her at least.

The government district is our next stop.

We're saving this for later as well.

Huh, this is new.

Why do I get the feeling she's lying at the end there?


Jan'll definitely be joining us in the future but not today.

As usual I got completely sidetracked and headed back to the tavern at the docks.

Poor Jaheira, cursed for doing the right thing. :smith:

Back to the Government District!

A fruitless endeavor...

...Or so I thought. Ployer's in for a surprise.

I choose to interpret her last line as her wishing I was dead.

Anyway, it's back to the slums I suppose.

There, happy now?

Ployer's hideout isn't hard to find.

Extremely satisfying. Now to get some rest so Jaheira can recover.

We're treated to another dream.

You'd think with Sandrah demanding to outpace the plot she'd have some interpretations ready but so far she's not commented on them.

Christ, the quests just keep piling up. We're heading back to the docks first.

We're waylaid on our way over there.

I'm really tempted to just ditch Sandrah and make this a Chloe LP, it'd be infinitely more bearable.

Don't mention it. Time to head back to the inn where we met Ployer.

A former pirate, huh?

Also a secret door. You know what that means...

Yep, secret pirate hideout! :yarr:

Sandrah comments on the most random events.

Fade to black, you know the deal. :barf: :suicide:

The house next door seems innocent enough, right?


We confer with Sandrah on what to do.

Hey, look who it is! I was worried he wasn't going to show up.

Sure, we'll help him out. What can go wrong? :downs:

More errands, ugh.

Yes, I gave the sword to Jaheira. Why do you ask?


Sandrah gains another Hathran Protector spell as we walk in the door, one of the most overpowered summons and we've got TWO of them now. :doh:

We're not going to cover the entire area, suffice it to say that we found the necklace he's referring to in a desk nearby.

I'd definitely want to hang out here, it's so peaceful.

This must be Montaron, mission accomplished!

Jaheira and Aerie are already at each other's throats, hopefully this won't escalate.

I completely forgot that Aerie literally had her rotting wings sawed off. :gonk:

The music that plays whenever she talks is not half bad. Neither is Chloe's, for that matter.

I wouldn't piss on Xzar if he was on fire but I've always had a soft spot for Montaron for some reason. It'd be good to get him back.


There's slightly more to this story but we can't access it yet.

It might be best to end things here for now, we'll try to get through the other districts next time. Hopefully it'll be less chaotic.