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Part 96: Chapter XCIII - I am ork!!! If I were not, what would I be then?

Chapter XCIII - I am ork!!! If I were not, what would I be then?

We're making our way through the Clanlands today.

We stop for a bit to admire the sunset with Aerie. :swoon:

Meanwhile Sandrah does what she does best.

For some reason Sandrah thinks now's the best time to discuss Irenicus' dreams. As expected she leaps ahead of the plot again.

Not much to this area, looks nice though.

The way north is blocked so we can only go west.

Orcs and Ice Golems abound.

I have no idea what the hell that orc was talking about, did I break something? :ohdear:

Oh, this was supposed to play shortly after Imoen was taken away. The wheels are really coming off, aren't they?

Shauhana has her original portrait again for some reason.

Minsc already has a new witch, thank you very much. :colbert:

It's nice to see them getting along somewhat.

Nowhere to go but north.

Good idea, let's wait 'til nightfall.

There's orcs and frost giants here but they barely put up any resistance.

"No, you see, it's not incest because... :smugmrgw:"

Sandrah gets another summon.

Following Shauhana's directions we cross the bridge and find the hut we're looking for.

It's bigger on the inside.

Hey, I remember this guy. We ran into him a couple of times in BG1, he even helped us out that one time!

He's considerably less friendly this time around.

He flees at low HP. Come back, coward! :argh:

The staff is found in a crack in the wall.

Shauhana switches portraits yet again.

Something seems to be blossoming.

It's always awkward to walk in on your cat taking care of business.



I wish I had the words to describe what I'm feeling right now.

Before we can leave Vennegrat arrives and kidnaps Shauhana. Drat.

We double back to the village and battle our way to this cave.

This orc was hasted and had tons of HP, very annoying to deal with.


My sanity is hanging by a thread.

Shauhana's back! Her gear was found not far from here.

We also grab the shaman's body.

Finally, good riddance.

Those crystals seem interesting. We've got two of them.

BG2 Quayle sounds like an awesome party member, I'd take him over BG1 Quayle any day of the week.

Not much of a village as you can see.

We can go north now, yippee.


The next area has a lot of enemies to deal with.

I do have a habit of picking the most mundane dialogue options, don't I?

Aww, and here I was hoping that the relationship web would become even more complicated.

Poor guy.


Sharkta Fai is in sight!

We get ambushed by hobgoblins before we can even get our bearings.

We've covered this before but Sandrah not believing in an afterlife makes no sense whatsoever.

We have to insert the gem here, doing so teleports us to Sharkta Fai.

Time to do some investigating.

This is the only noteworthy thing we find.

...ANOTHER portrait?


The guardian's actually a pretty chill dude, he teleports us close to the waysign area.

The plot thickens, Shauhana is general Ghotal's granddaughter? It's all connected.

Shauhana's character screen shows a FIFTH portrait.

Whatever, Sandrah. I'm just glad to be done with this place.

We end this chapter with us leaving the Clanlands. Next time we'll take Shauhana back to Athkatla and see what hijinks will ensue.