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Part 98: Chapter XCV - Not all orc's butts are for buttkickin', it seems.

Chapter XCV - Not all orc's butts are for buttkickin', it seems.

So, we've got a tenday 'til we can continue Shauhana's quest and need to find a way to pass the time.

...Not like this, preferably.


We might as well pay this Raelis Shai a visit.

Not bad.

...I spoke too soon.

Of course Minsc loved the play. :allears:

We're saving this for later since we have no room in our party but I figured we'd get this out of the way right now.

I wonder if Aegisfield made any progress tracking down that tanner?

He flees, coward! :black101:

Another fade to black, we don't have time for this!

I don't think I've ever gone through this place without triggering the trap close to the stairs. This prompted a visit to the nearest inn to get some rest.

This turned out to be a mistake... :suicide:

Back at the tanner's we find Aegisfield's body. He can survive if you go to Rejiek before reporting to him but for some reason I always preferred this outcome.

This letter will come in handy much, much later.

I wish I could pick non-racist options here. :smith:

This guy gets away before we can get to him and Rejiek got away as well... :(

This exchange is just salt on the wound. :barf:

Now that the murders are solved it's time to take care of a loose end.

Remember this note? We got it from a guy in the slums, turns out you can click the 'area map' button to get where you need to go.

I'd murder these guys but a girl's life is at stake here.

Those horrified at the dialogue options: You can take it much, much farther. Whoever wrote this 'romantic' encounter is a sick puppy.

We're going to be good guys here, though.

Heading for the Den of Seven Vales in Waukeen's Promenade we help this woman with her acting lessons.

Vichan's quite the method actor. :heysexy:

Let's see if there are any more conquests to be had at the Mithrest Inn.

Laran is a female-only Romantic Encounter so Sandrah gets right to work.

As for us? Well...

Someone had a lot of fun writing these.

Anyway, that's enough romance for one chapter, at least if I can help it.

This house on the docks is Valygar's.

He's not going to make it that easy for us, it seems. To the Copper Coronet!

I'm glad we had this talk.

Jesus Christ, Roxanne. Stop ruining Minsc! :(

Ugh, I'll take care of it la-

LATER! :argh:

Great, we'll check it out if we're in the area.


This happened while I rested on Athkatla's streets. The fog of war prevents us from seeing anything. 10/10 scene. I love especially love Boolerion throwing shade.

Chloe: Por que no los dos?

Another quest set up for us.

Ugh, whatever. I get why people hate Aerie's romance now.

Anyway, I head for the Stormhorns (the journey takes 4 days) and rest a day in the dragon's lair.

Fucking finally.

On our way to the crossroads we encounter this cloudkill-on-death zombie lord again. At least we're able to deal with them now without too much effort.

The orc shaman and his son are at the crossroads.

Wait, Arvoreen? Seriously?

Why adhere to Forgotten Realms lore if you can just make up your own version? :smuggo:

This could've been a great quest if it had been competently written.

Oh, great. Vennegrat's back. I'm quaking in my boots. :rolleyes:

Of course Sandrah got a skill, why wouldn't she? What, can we summon a rodent now?


Sure, why not?

I'm not sure I can take much more of this. :negative:

Sandrah got this skill earlier but let's pretend she got it here and get on with it.

Jesus Christ, Roxanne. Could you let Shauhana have her moment? I was almost getting immersed there for a second, bad writing notwithstanding.

Minsc and Shauhana leave us, leaving us with two positions to fill.

We're saving that for next time, though. Minsc and Shauhana can wait a while longer.