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Part 99: Chapter XCVI - Words of utmost delight from the lips of a girl who can only be a dream, too wonderful to be real- both the words and the girl.

Chapter XCVI - Words of utmost delight from the lips of a girl who can only be a dream, too wonderful to be real- both the words and the girl.

Back in Athkatla with two empty party slots to fill, you can guess what we're about to do.

Viconia is first on our list. You can never have enough clerics after all.

While browsing my bags of holding for suitable armor I discovered that Chloe can wear Jarlaxle's plate. Curious.

Denial. It's not just a river in Egypt.

For our sixth member we have to go into the sewers so we can get to Mekrath's lab.

Sandrah has some things to say about the cult of the unseeing eye, we don't have time to deal with that right now.

Why is Aerie salivating? :thunk:

Sounds easy enough.

Yeah, thought so.

I know we could've just killed this guy but eh...

Oh boy, this is promising! :pervert:

And just like that our party composition is complete again!

Mekrath's awfully trusting, letting us ransack his lab.

You miss 100% of the shots you don't take.

Sandrah's positively giddy, I wonder why. :downs:

I can't wait to see what Roxanne's backstory for Viconia's capture is. :allears:

Let's take care of Haer'Dalis' quest before returning to the Stormhorns.

Lengthy explanation incoming.

You know the drill. Enemies come through the portal, we deal with them.

After doing this for about a minute or two bounty hunters kidnap the actors, including Haer'Dalis, forcing us to follow them through the portal.

Die, slavers! :black101:

Time to track down this thrall master.

Poor guys, I didn't have a choice. :negative:

My overpowered ass begs to differ. :smuggo:

The orb is found on the master's body.

Throwing it into this fire frees the thralls, some of them even join in on the fighting!

I don't think these two will ever get along.

We help the thralls take care of the warden and filch his key.

Don't mention it.

We say goodbye to the actors save Haer'Dalis who leaves with us.

With our party complete we can make our way back to the Stormhorns!

...I don't know what I was expecting.

Nice try, Chloe, you'll never be able to out-Mary Sue Sandrah.

To the Stormhorns!

Ugh I am so done with this.

I have no idea why that portrait made me laugh but here we are.

Looks like we'd better investigate, this can't be right!

Hey, I remember bringing this guy to Sharkta Fai! :thunk:

Sandrah was right, who would've thought?

We talk to the orcs and send them back to camp, one by one.

Damn, looks like we're out of luck. At least we took care of the skeletons.

West it is, then!

Not bad for a custom area.

Seems like we're back in the snow, we can't cross the frozen river here but the skeletons can. Not fair! :(


Oof, poor Haer'Dalis.

The village is a spooky place filled with ghosts.

Ugh, I really shouldn't let Sandrah heal anyone ever again.

This ambush wiped my party two times. :negative:

Good thing we've got a hamster on our side!

There's two liches waiting for us here, with vampire sprites for some reason. The other one has the exact same thing to say.

Vennegrat isn't about to stay and fight after what happened last time, coward! :argh:


Back to the graveyard it is.

What am I, chopped liver? :(

Sandrah sure has a knack of making you feel worthless.

I can't quite place this map, IWD2 maybe?

So Sharkta Fai is an undead factory? And how does Sandrah know who the leader is?

Anyway, I think it's about time we paid a visit to Minsc and Shauhana.

The mooseherd (seriously?) is nice enough to give us directions.

Oh, hey. It's that messenger kid that approached us the first time. What's he doing here?

Implausible but I'll run with it. I don't know if Minsc is cut out to be a father figure.

The orcs seem to have their work cut out for them.

Most people seem on board with Shauhana at least, I'm sure she'll win the few naysayers over.

Wait, I didn't kill Mekrath. Why does Haer'Dalis claim that Sandrah did? Ugh.

The fact that I misnamed Aerie in the image is a perfect illustration of how done with her shit I am. And to think I originally said I still liked her romance, yuck.


Walking too close to the moose herders here triggers a stampede where the moose attack you one by one. Seriously.

It's nice to have a (mostly) peaceful area to walk around in once in a while. :)

We've finally arrive at the village proper.

Minsc seems to be doing just fine! :unsmith:

Speaking of the lodge...

Pretty sweet digs, right?

Anyway, we'd best check in with Shauhana.

...Szass Tam? Really? :gonk:

Next time we'll finish up at the Stormhorns so we can get back to our regular adventuring!